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Global Injection is almost certainly the key. You will need to manually whitelist non-game software in the “Injection Config” tab of SKIF.

Halo 3: ODST is available now for those that play Halo.

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Trying this one out: Looks better than remastered I think lol. It even has grass shadows

@Kaldaien SK doesnt load both with local and global injection. I dont know if it works with dx10 games

Nope, I have better things to do than support D3D10 :stuck_out_tongue: D3D11 is basically the same API, only more reliable and with Compute + Tessellation Shaders.

Did they fix your RDR2 license with steam, it`s pretty wierd what happen

No, unfortunately. I cannot play the game anymore.

The whole thing is weird, community bans were never well thought out and the people issuing them insist they work one way when they very clearly work a different way.

You need a better valve contact, one that isn’t part of the community service department (lol)

why the ■■■■ did they ban you? I missed the whole drama show

There were two bans:

  1. My primary account was banned (for a year) for a pun that was interpreted as something inappropriate
  2. My development account was banned (permanently) for requesting they fix a few problems caused by the system-wide ban on the primary account

Unfortunately, a large number of games in my software library are owned on the development account because it had a different payment source and I was buying games to test for software compatibility on it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of those games, its license is on my banned development account.

Yeesh the name Unwinder chose for that metric … it’s too damn long :slight_smile:

Seriously, WTF? Nobody’s going to want that on their screen constantly.

I always admired Afterburner’s ability to convey information with only a few letters, and it is the reason I have a condensed text-only OSD. So this is frankly weird.

Happy nevertheless to see the technique I use for measuring VRAM in Special K is now available in MSI Afterburner. The consumer / tech journalist will be much better equipped to discuss this stuff accurately now.

Might be possible to snag the Rockstar Game Client version on a sale but going by Steam the game has been discounted a few times but not by very much, 20% so instead of 60 it’s around 50 Euro.

Fine Leather Jacket / Monkey Island 1 rules on video game pricing with or without inflation adjustment still applies just as it did back then. :smiley:

I still haven’t played RDR2, but then I didn’t even properly finish GTA V either. Really need to get back to GTA V and eventually RDR2 after I’m finished with Watch Dogs 2.

It’s an awesome game, but the user interface is awkward and takes a long time to get used to. Immersive, I guess they would call it, it was the 1900s and mutli-tasking wasn’t a thing yet :wink: It’s really hard to get used to all the menus you have to jumble through for something as simple as a map. I seriously cannot remember how to find configuration settings and UI components every time I pick the game up after being away for months.


Does anyone actually use those Show / Hide hotkeys? Are those something I should have for widgets? It feels like over-complication, when pressing the same button twice should suffice.

Looks like MSI Afterburner’s new per-process memory reporting doesn’t work on Intel GPUs. That makes me happy because neither does Special K’s budget tracking, lol. Intel’s drivers suck.

I prefer toggle instead of separate on/off to avoid having to use multiple keys or combination keys.
Suppose it can be handy to have a dedicated hide and show button configuration so having the option isn’t bad for those who prefer it over pressing the same button multiple times to switch between the on and off state for the overlay or what you might have set up. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Means I get a chance to finish up the oil rig stuff at last, always got stuck somewhere.

Think it was the underwater segment though not the rollerskating man with his life lessons.
(And life hax I guess going by the collar there and the straw workaround…)

EDIT: Watch it be a re-release on GOG or something though, if they were re-mastering these fully it’d be multiple hardware platforms (PS4/PC or XBox/PC or all three maybe even Switch too.) and probably include the third game also.
(Not that I wouldn’t mind a FOX engine remake or anything. ~ )

I’m all for options, but I don’t think there should be a fixed-function (i.e. INI setting for a keybind) dedicated to Toggle, On and Off.

Special K’s framerate limiter doesn’t have hotkeys the same way that MSI Afterburner does, what it does have going for it is that it can be completely controlled via SK’s command console and that means keyboard macros can issues commands like “TargetFPS 30.0”. I think if I were to add support for binding show/hide widget to a keyboard shortcut it would only make sense to do so using macros (e.g. “Widget.Show < Name >”).

Oh by default it goes to group MEM, I changed the group for that screenshot so people could easily see.

This is the example he used.

For me, the toggle on-screen display is the only hotkey I use

Think I can get Unwinder to do something about this? :slight_smile:

As funny as this is, the real problem comes from the way framerate is currently counted by RTSS.

SKIF is running at 120 FPS, just with multiple swapchains to composite the different UI windows and RTSS does not know the difference between 1 swapchain and 6 running concurrently.

If RTSS’s framerate limiter were turned on like this, it would slow down the software to 1/6th the correct rate because there are a sequence of 6 buffer swaps (happening in parallel on independent swapchains) that must happen every time I refresh all of these windows.

I am in the process of updating Special K’s in-game UI to use multi-plane overlays to draw and RTSS is going to start reporting wrong framerates (it will over-report by 2x) to users in all games unless changed to count framerate per-swapchain. Once this starts happening, I will have a flood of confused users accusing either Special K or RTSS of misrepresenting performance :frowning: