Topic-Free Mega Thread - v 1.11.2020

This thread behaves like the "Development" threads in the Special K group used to.

Post whatever is on your mind, unless it’s a bug report :stuck_out_tongue:

           Seriously, anything except bug reports goes here.

I want to make this new forum a little more organized, starting with bug reports in the Development forum.

Can i just say, this game looks so freaking good, it scares me :exploding_head:

I’m profoundly screwing up (cough improving? cough) the categories, make sure if you are trying to follow new posts that you click the bell in all the new sub-categories I’m experimenting with.

The cloud simulation is impressive going by the Digital Foundry video, clashed a bit with the visuals almost as these smooth fluffy somethings clashed with this shiny airplane with aliasing and shimmering everywhere ha ha.

The uncanny valley meets the aliasing valley.
(Though aliasing is almost as distracting as lack of anisotropic filtering so no surprise there it stands out.)

EDIT: Wonder if just jamming in said GIF into the reply works.

Volumetric fluff has come a long way since the Crysis days.
Although if Assassin’s Creed Next (year too) is anything to go by the framerate hit is also quite spectacular. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, that’s surreal… watching JBeckman edit one of his posts and not having to hit reload :slight_smile: The Steam forums are from the stone age compared to Discourse. Shame that’s where all the users I can best help live, but those forums are cancer and I have had enough.

Well I try to improve but I can only really do one thing at a time and there’s always some bit or fact I either miss or the overly lengthy explanation or description makes me forget partway through ha ha.

It’s interesting to see things in real-time though instead of the more static message boards but yeah it’s a thing I do like in this case mentioning the effect and then having a light-bulb moment of oh yeah there was someone who ripped a image of that from the video that I could use!

Someone registration was smooth too but I guess the later problems with account activation and email validation happened just after those first couple of additional users and the forum went online. :slight_smile:

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Hmm @Kaldaien is it possible to increase the image size limit this site allows? 4MB is the max. Had to significantly compress this gif JBeckman wanted to show.

I forgot to check as I assumed GIF would be pretty thoroughly compressed compared to more modern formats (Web Picture and Web Video I believe? Think support for these are not quite there yet though.) although it still loaded fairly fast compared to the usual which tends to be PNG type screenshots.
(Even if they’re not 10+ Megs it still feels like the browser always has a tougher time with these although much of it is probably server related too for many of the free image host providers.)

Wouldn’t want to stall the page loading either for anyone on a more limited connection especially with multiple embedded pics or for that matter videos as sources like YouTube likes to load in a little thumbnail preview. (Which seemingly takes forever with more than one video per page but oh well, similar issue I suppose from the provider. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Youtube allows gif posts too, the limit is around 8mb last i checked. Even pushing the limit to 6mb could make all the difference, depending on what someone may want to share. It’s up to Kal if he thinks it’s worth doing.

Find me a couple more patrons to fund the bandwidth, and sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m leaving this conservative for now, because GitLab is pretty demanding in terms of CPU / Memory and pushing $20.00 a month just for a 2 CPU / 4 GiB cloud configuration beefy enough to run it.

It eats through memory and then proceeds to spew out of memory error messages all over /var/logs

Everything is more costly these days too, did pretty well a few years ago but prices of just about everything and the ISP cost (As usual.) just keeps climbing.

Not a huge issue just yet but it might be and who knows what will increase next.

Also it seems that game back from childhood that taught children how to really throw a NES controller is getting a new edition. :smiley:

PC seem to include both Steam and UWP with a Steam product page available already.

Looks like you can use Tenor gif links (what Discord uses), which shouldn’t use up site bandwidth to my knowledge

The upshot is, having to pay for a beefier CPU / RAM config nets me 2 TiB of additional data transfer a month, so it might just work out in the end. But I could buy a game or two for what all this new hosting infrastructure is adding to project expenditure.

I so wish I could just publish this on Steam like I had been planning for the past ~1 year now. That would have been amazing.

When it actually works, my cloud version of GitLab has no filesize limits (I can host source code and executables on it) and is quite a bit more responsive than is. I don’t know if that’s worth the investment, but it’s certainly a different experience from the pokey slow GitLab I’m used to.

Can always use or which automatically converts GIFs into WEBM or MP4 depending on the device. Which is like 90% smaller in size as well.

Bumped the limits up to 16 MiB, and added support for webm, webp and jxr (though not many browsers support that).

Do not go turning this into a replica of CS:Go’s community hub front page please :stuck_out_tongue: It is as though people who play that game just learned about GIFs and must spread the word as obnoxiously as possible.

Speaking of .jxr and .webp, this might be a good opportunity to implement .webp encoding for HDR screenshots. I’ve got my own server now to let users store HDR screenshots, I could whip up a simple image gallery viewer and cut Steam out of the equation entirely.

My inner WEBP hating fanatic is irrationally shaking in rage. :smiley:

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:conwayscratch: :conwayshrug:

Ooo, Discourse supports custom emojis/emoticon as well.

Oh, by the way …

If you contribute to Patreon, it automatically applies a label on your profile card and in the user list. If you want that hidden, you will have to do it yourself.