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I didn’t make it. I can’t rub two sticks together when it comes to video editing… I can capture video and that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, the Tales games all have this awful post-process filter that blurs everything. I suspect that video was captured with that enabled / without resolution fix for it. It’s a fixed 512x256 resolution abomination no matter what resolution you actually run the game at. I’ve opted to disable it completely in later Tales … Fix mods because in addition to blurring things it creates shimmering from being the wrong aspect ratio.

Speaking of which… whenever Tales of Arise is released, that’s one thing I won’t have to fix :slight_smile:

That, and I won’t have to surgically remove QLOC’s framerate limiter and replace it with my own. I’ll still kill UE’s framerate limiter because I can do better, but it won’t be the absolute necessity it has been for all previous Tales ports.

There’s something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Let Texas worry about it :stuck_out_tongue: As long as they don’t turn East.

Fujiwhara effect it seems to be called.

Hopefully things do go well for the islands that might be affected I do remember some of the earlier big storms causing a lot of problems even with early warnings and weather predictions but preparations and what not do take time.

Plus whatever is going to happen if those meet up and whatever direction the storms go in depending on wind I suppose.

EDIT: Hmm but perhaps this won’t develop into full cyclone and that might minimize effects like this and overall damage that it could potentially cause if it would build up from current storm strengths before dissipating.

EDIT: Hmm seems you can actually fly around in there in Flight Simulator already. Though it looks like people did that with some earlier storms even as early as when the game unlocked.

Well it should be safer than these storm chaser rides some people do or weird things humans undertake in general under dangerous or extreme conditions.

Ah yeah, crazy to think you can just virtually fly around active irl storms. Wonder how accurate it is, still haven’t tried the game but i imagine weather talk will start changing soon.

ROTFLMAO, when the rubber parts of shoes combust…

I think I actually have a pair of those ASICS, though I can’t say I’ve ever tried to light them on fire. Closest I’ve gotten is leaving them in the dryer too long, they came unglued :-1:

The pic reminds me of how much i hate hollywood movie logic. People turn into statues (or something like that) when lava reaches close enough to them, but hollywood will tell you as long as you don’t physically touch inside the lava, you’re all good.

Basically this. As a fan of the original JP, this is painful to watch

I’ll see your lava and raise you

Good movie, BTW.

Caught it in cinemas :smiley:

Heck, it’s the last thing i saw in cinemas. I rarely have a reason to go, most films are just about being products and milking properties.

Yeah there’s the heat, proximity to said heat and also the whole bit about ash and fumes and whatever is in the air which is why masks and helmet is common in many other images.

The one I used is a little bit staged though.

But the shoes still didn’t fare too well.

Btw, if you have the stomach for it, i highly suggest A Silent Voice (anime movie). It’s polarised because of its moral direction, and it is emotionally heavy, but in my opinion it’s a freaking great film and that’s coming from someone who actually relates to the film unlike those who disagree with it.

LG’s making 48 inch OLED panels for their CX model year… that’s almost small enough to sort of qualify as a computer monitor :slight_smile:

4K 120 Hz + G-Sync + HDR + 3 Black Frame Insertion modes (new for the 2020 models). MSRP is ~$1,500.00. I have a feeling stock will be extremely limited and they are not likely to get the normal LG OLED price cut when the next model year rolls out – especially considering Xbox Series X / PS5 will finally tap into the full power of the 2019 / 2020 models. But that’s a reasonable asking price for a videophile small TV / large monitor.

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3? Wut? I’m guessing for 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps gaming?

I don’t own one of them to know exactly what it does.

My best guess would be some kind of logarithmic falloff in brightness rather than just half-blank-half-hold. At least that’s what I have wanted for years – OLED can refresh its pixels at hundreds of thousands of Hz, so there’s all sorts of interesting things you can do between signal refreshes.

Sounds to me like you could have probably a dozen different options for adjusting the brightness over time, but allowing for that many would seem cluttered.

I’m interested in seeing what happens if you test next gen PCIe 4 GPUs in 8k, aka pushing the bandwidth too far.

The TLDR of this video is, yeah slight jump between all PCIe modes, though 4.0 is nothing to worry about for the 5700 XT owners, but may be something to note for more powerful GPUs and as games get more bandwidth heavy which they will soon.

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Jumping to PCI Express 5.0 with specs readying for 6.0 last I heard but it does still take a while for this to become available on consumer end hardware although I could see the next year Intel and AMD boards going all in on USB4 (No more 3.x Gen Y finally?) PCI Express 5.0 and DDR5 although maybe that’s a bit too soon for some of this.
(Costs too, AMD and Intel can’t throw all the PCI lanes and traces or memory channels into the motherboard designs either.)

Aside from Horizon Zero Dawn I don’t think too much is challenging 3.0 bandwidth just yet but 4.0 and newer plus other tech besides just the bandwidth increase should help a lot although I’m primarily thinking in regards to 1x to 4x SSD devices or going through interfaces like the M.2 port for this.

Even HZD I think fares well enough at 3.0 though just that performance drops if the board is splitting speeds so it goes down to 8x link performance but it’s a exception and most titles see only smaller changes.

Although ultra high resolution gaming like 5120, 6144 or 7860 either downsampling, single monitor such as how “5k” is a bit more common (Or even a few “8k” displays or TV models.) and triple display could also push the resolution up although I don’t know if there’s many GPU’s capable of driving this type of resolution well in upcoming games.
(DLSS if it could be decoupled entirely on NVIDIA though it’s a part of this scaled up.)

SLI / Crossfire sorta ended even though Vulkan and D3D12 has API support for doing this right but then it’s also developer controlled and … that’s not really happening.

EDIT: Actually why stop at merely triple or ultra wide and not go back to the older days of CRT daisy chaining all the monitors however it worked.

(Think AMD had a display driver software called Hydra for this sort of thing in the early years when multi-GPU was a cable driven solution and a primary and secondary GPU and all the fun things like that.)

EDIT: Although it seems CRT’s still live on going by the new flight sim and a video someone made about that on a triple display setup.

But of course they do there’s entire communities around the dithering and pixel scaling and image effects like scanlines with some pretty high-end CRT displays or these projectors to get the real effect.
(Looks fantastic too though a bit different on a modern display when seeing the example images and videos on this.)

Good thing too preserving some of this stuff and more.

Seems, convoluted?

Though at least it connects to PSU’s through 2x 8-pin out into a 1x 12-pin so there’s no 12x PSU pin hardware requirement as such.

But instead of 2x 6 and 1x 8 why not just go with 2x 8 pin on the GPU there’s your 300w and the 75w from the PCI-E itself.

Suppose over time 3x 8-pin or combinations of 8 and 6 would be getting complicated so if requirements are going to go into 350w and above or into 400w an additional couple of pins are going to be needed eventually though so why not go all in and double the existing 8 pin effective power delivery.

Sure is going to look funny though when the 2x 12’s are out from enthusiast third party designs.

Though I assume 12x and 6x or 12x and 8x would be the starting stuff not 4x 8-pins on the PSU for 24 total through 2x 12’s and … tons of numbers here’s 600 watts and another 75 for a truly Watt the Flops power delivery total. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: It’s for testing though as the article states so I expect the GPU’s to be 2x or 3x 8-pin in most cases unless there’s going to be some over the top 3090 Titan Ti Kingpin Extreme Black Edition bla bla overly lengthy flashy name for marketing purposes.

…Now I need to check the dumbest GPU name, compulsiveness!
(Well there doesn’t seem to be much it’s rather tame really but the early 1990’s CGI box art sure is something though that goes for the computer industry in general and probably outside of it too.)

EDIT: Reverse daisy chained 8-pin too come to think of it.
Well not quite those are 8-pin PSU to 2x 6-pin GPU a bit risky and not recommended this is at least 2x 8-pin on the PSU side resulting in a 1x 12 on the GPU end so it’s 300w either way I think?
(Plus it can’t be mounted incorrectly…or can it. Someone might succeed in failing at that.)

Or variants thereof, sometimes it’s this 4-pin thing that is even more risky as far as I know due to power draw fluctuations and what it’s supposed to be able to provide and what the cable can manage plus other stuff.
(Like if it’s an AMD GPU with high transient power draw spikes though any dual cable is going to be a problem if it hits any higher wattage amounts and total power draw from that particular issue.)

My new headset came in and man the sound quality is top notch with my current sound setup. Never though I could listen to Jinjer (Heavy Metal / Screamo Female Band) and hear the lyrics perfectly clear. With all the other instruments being crystal clear as well. I think mic should be decent for what I am gonna use it for and if anyone is wondering this is the headset I bought.

Very good though I had to somehow tweak the extension cable so mic works much better now. But solid sound and nice balance of all lvls of sound coming thru quite clear.

Looking at it, that’s a low impedance head piece? only 16 ohm ? Do you use a external DAC ?

– edit —

Miss read it … it’s 50 ohm.

None of those are high-end CRTs :frowning: They’re all at least curved tubes, probably shadow mask. The only CRTs worth keeping alive are SONY’s flat Trinitron FD.