Trine 4 HDR turns off and on

I’ve been experiencing an issue, playing this game, with SK version
HDR works well, but while I’m playing, suddenly it turns off; I continue playing, then again, it turns on, a few more steps, again turns off, and so on…
Besides, there are two operations that fix the HDR setting, press menu button and switch player, but it’s a temporary solution, because if you continue playing, the HDR, eventually, turns off again
It’s a good way to compare hdr on and off, in a game :face_with_monocle: but It’s a little annoying :slight_smile:

Probably a bug in the game’s render state. I fixed a similar problem in Serious Sam 4.

You can either turn SK’s text OSD on (Ctrl+Shift+O) to prevent that from happening, or use an updated version.

Use the versions of the DLLs here:

Stop injection and just overwrite the DLLs that came with your version of SK and start it back up again. The DLLs might be locked, in which case just rename the old one.

Thank you, with the OSD on, the problem is solved in
I didn’t know the rename method to update SK, I used to delete both dlls with windows in safe mode, cos didn’t let me delete them. Thanks for this last tip, too :slightly_smiling_face: