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I take it this suggestion was just to help the frame pacing widget catch the stutter? If so, i don’t believe it did. Still a perfect line, and the grey dominos (whatever they’re called) have no clear pattern in correlation with the stutters.

To elaborate further, the stutter seems to be a one frame drop that happens every 10 to 20 seconds.

Okay… next course of action… go up to the developer and tell them their engine sucks and needs fixing and Kaldaien doesn’t feel like doing that right now :slight_smile:

XD the engine is Monogame, which you may already be familiar with if you’ve played any of the games using it

Not asking you to look into it, you might recognise a game in here that will remind you if it’s a lost cause.

Nope, never played any of those games.

You could try MaxDeltaTime=5, it’s written in C#, so I have to assume the developers have no idea what they’re doing and maybe just keeping all the threads awake all the time will fix your problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

Boo hoo… can’t even get this card as a joke :slight_smile:

Used - Like New: BIOSTAR GeForce 6800XT DirectX 9 V6802XA16 Video Card -

WoW mayor news, does this involve ability for extra tweaking d3d12 games?

Well there’s the ResetEra I’ve heard so much about.

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Very nice England, huge map but with interesting locations. Running fine using SK, combat is addictive

Possibly… I just found out most of my D3D12 code was perfectly fine, I just need a 2 or 3 frame delay or Ubisoft’s stupid engine goes crazy when there’s more references to the swapchain than it expects :wink:

Yeah there’s a lot of cultural and political and social topics and sensitive matters before console warring, lazy developer rhetoric, flaming and the other stuff.

Mansplaining I think can be a ban reason too and then there’s a couple of others I can’t track very well.

EDIT: There’s a tracker for it actually.
(Hmm doesn’t seem like it’s updating too well.)

Majority of it however appears to be fairly reasonable might be a bit heavy handed to go directly for bans but internet being what it is warns doesn’t have much effect and overall the net is fairly hostile and this feeling of anonymity makes everything a bit weird ha ha.

One of the proposed alternatives of the above naming initiative is to rename whitelist, blacklist to allowlist, denylist or e.g. allowedNouns, deniedNouns.

While the overall initiative is of general irrelevance to us, I have questioned a bit whether user confusion or user expectations could be improved by adopting different names or phrases to refer to the whitelist/blacklist of Special K’s global injector.

The problem, as I see it, is that “whitelist” and “blacklist” carries preconceived notions regarding the functionality of the global injector and how it pertains to other processes. The average user would expect a “non-whitelisted” process to simply not be injected into at all, but the way CBT hooks work (Windows is injecting the DLL files everywhere it can) means this is a misunderstanding. The whitelist/blacklist only controls the follow-up “initialization” of Special K – not whether the DLL files were injected to begin with or not.

This is something I’ve had in the back of my end these last few days when I’ve worked on the wiki page and the above “naming initiative” thingy was an unexpected, but timely, circumstance.

So basically the question becomes:

  • Is it possible to refer to Special K’s global injector and its whitelist/blacklists in a different way that more easily explains to users the following?

    • Global injection results in the DLL files being injected into all processes that deals with window or mouse/keyboard input.

    • The whitelist/blacklist only controls whether Special K should actually “initialize” the rest of its full functionality within a process or remain inert/idle.

According to Steam’s monthly survey from October, Windows 7 has finally fallen below 5% among Steam users (including macOS and Linux). It now only have about 1% more users on Steam than macOS has.

Maybe we’ll see more developers in the next 6 months also remove support for the OS in an official capacity as a result as well.

So this took forever to create, but here’s a full list of almost all publicly available previous versions of Special K: Tools | Special K - The Official Wiki

Various minor beta/bug fix versions haven’t been included, but all main versions between 0.8.11 and except for the Steam releases (– is included.

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There is nothing reasonable about Resetera nor their moderation.
It’s like the forum embodiment of a communist state.


D3D12 Support

Needs a ton of work…

dxgi.7z (7.6 MB)

Don’t use the HDR widget, it’ll probably blow stuff up :slight_smile:

G-Sync status is a little weird too, I’m not sure how to get that in D3D12.

Frame Pacing widget’s latency graph is surprisingly detailed in D3D12.

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Wouldn’t it be through the same way? D3D12 presents using flip, after all so one would imagine it would trigger the same NVAPI related stuff.

Well, in D3D12 each backbuffer in the SwapChain is its own little microcosm. For D3D11 and D3D9, I just queried the status of backbuffer 0.

If I do that in D3D12 it’s probably going to deadlock the software :slight_smile: These backbuffers all have explicit state that you have to transition into and out of, holding onto a backbuffer long enough to ask NvAPI if the surface supports G-Sync doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Guessing NVIDA and AMD have their little extras, was thinking going by Microsoft and VRR but I suppose you’d need the D3D NVAPI / AGS stuff for the GPU vendor bits and querying how that works.

Might be some documentation on it, can’t think of much other than example code bits and the open sourced parts of these extensions but there must be some method.

  • Allow external audio based haptics while rumble is enabled on the PS5 DualSense controller

Guess I’m buying a dualsense.

Yeah the beta has been updated pretty quickly with support for (much) of the new PS5 controller functionality through oh what was it SCAPI (Steam Controller API?) I haven’t followed it up much but I think a large majority of the functionality can be utilized now plus it seems haptic is some form of audio model so that might be a way to further utilize this feedback functionality. :slight_smile:

Impressive how fast Valve have been to support and update their input API and gamepad/controller functionality recently supports just about everything and pretty well too for what you can do with some configuring over other similar software though these remain popular too and aren’t bound to Steam or Steam Big Picture Mode.

EDIT: Not having a controller though I am following these developments but not too well and my understanding of some of these technologies aren’t the greatest but I have heard some good feedback from the PS5 controller plus of course the new take on the XBox controller with the One series here.
(Hmm seeing the price increase the inevitable new One Elite must have quite a cost to it.)

Rumors about a revised Switch console too maybe Nintendo can fix up those joycon drift issues at last in addition to whatever a newer Tegra GPU and other components could allow for.
(Nintendo DLSS at up-to 4k resolution scaling, hmm maybe.)