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Basically put, Horizon ZD happened.

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More or less :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect this to happen frequently, over time I will have a record of all poor performing PC games, lol. Data mining this might be fun.

Wait, what? I thought we were discussing offline issues with that game, now you’re saying Special K’s SteamAPI features in general do not work?

Should I buy a copy of the game to fix this? I thought the situation was a little bit different.

Btw check your DMs.

Ditto. I ended up buying it on steam b/c I didn’t have all the dlc’s and it was 20% off when I got it. Right when you mentioned it I grabbed it. Since that would be a no-brainer due to price tag is much lower on steam.

I also recently found out when I put in my New GPU that it didn’t sit all the way down in slot so it had been running at 4x speed in PCI slot. And in PCI 2.0 Slot as well. So I basically found a way to move it up to 3.0 PCI-E slot and finally got the cables moved in a way so that the GPU now sits fully into slot. Now its at 16x speed. Should see if that makes a difference in games now.

My RX 5700 XT Strix OC edition card.

Oh, neat… you can expand the entire thread I linked to without actually opening it, just by clicking the wedge on the right-side of the content summary :slight_smile:

This still isn’t as convenient as the news feed was when Special K was still part of the Steam store, but it is pretty close. Overall the forums are much better and I only miss a few of the features of Steam related to software updates.

Sigh, the new 400Z looks … pretty stupid for a sports car.

I may have to save up for a GT-R to replace my 370z Nismo instead, unless by the time I do that Nissan changes it to look like a banana peel too? :slight_smile:

:arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small: That’s what a sports car (my current 370z Nismo) is supposed to look like

not the silly proposed 400z ugly-mobile.

I keep forgetting, there are a surprisingly high number of people in these threads who do not have cars :slight_smile: As an American, that is mindblowing. We love our cars here, heh. Probably because it’s such a big country and we have paved roads covering the entire thing. The car in America is an expression of freedom.

Something something “doesn’t leak IP so more secure” something something piracy.

Something something, this way comes.

“Argh, me mateys!”

Uh oh, it’s Alexander DeLarge; off his meds and in public again!

I haven’t really tested it properly, but I did experience crash before the main menu (local injection) when Steam features were enabled in Special K.

I initially thought it was just the cloud stuff doing it, but disabling spoof online status did not solve those crashes.

I can gift you the game on Steam — It’s honestly worth it for the game alone.

That would be awesome, if you’re willing to do that.

I got it free with my RTX 2080 Ti and never got into the game, I think there were a number of factors including … it launched at the same time as SK was approved for publishing on Steam, RayTracing wasn’t working correctly at the time, I had other things that needed doing.

I can’t justify buying a second copy of a game, but would give it some of my attention if it were gifted.

Check your DM I responded to ya :slight_smile:

Dave’s not here man

Have I mentioned “DM” always makes me feel weird? :stuck_out_tongue: I am not much older than you are, but for some reason, DM is not a word I would ever use in conversation. I grew up calling those things PMs (Private Messages).

I disabled Discourse’s “automatically remove full quotes on direct replies” setting as it was painful not being able to quote full posts for proper context…

The default settings, I believe, is rather “arcady”. I play it using my gamepad, and it’s basically just a few buttons you need to keep track of (which the HUD usually tells you about as well):

  • A - increase throttle
  • B - decrease throttle
  • X - look behind you
  • Y - break while on the ground
  • B + Y - lock/unlock parking break
  • Triggers - turn
  • L3 / LS - raise/lower wheels
  • Back/Select - Change between external and cockpit view

Most of my game sessions typically sees me pick an airport, load the game, hold A until the throttle is at max and the engine kicks in, and then hit B+Y on my gamepad to unlock the parking brakes, and away I am.

Although I love that game for making me spend a ton of times just looking around pushing buttons in the cockpit. I flew really weird yesterday, but somehow still managed to land (eventually), and when I had parked at the airport in the designated area I just kept pushing and probing buttons trying to figure out what I was supposed to do (never did figure it out).

Took me like 10 minutes just to find the controls for the cockpit lamps – quite hard when it’s night and those controls aren’t lit up at all.

Yeah I was soo used to using PM as well. I actually find myself going between the 2.

How could you?! That feature was my favorite thing about this entire site!

While I somewhat appreciated it not including quotes if the person replied to is still the post directly above the response, it also seems to like to strip out quotes when replying to posts several posts back. Disabling it’s not a bad thing for now, I feel the feature is actually broken anyway and should only behave the way it does when replying to the very last message in a thread.

… Ouch…

I’ve sent the gift over to your main “Kaldaien” account.

Well, going by Discourse’s notification I guess we can call them IMs as well. They are, after all, quite fitting for “instant messages” when notifications are enabled.

Yup, I found myself consciously excluding a word or two from the quote solely to have it not remove the entire quoted part as it caused confusion when quoting posts further down.

Another thing I have noticed, but have no idea what’s causing, is that occasionally when I hit reply on a specific comment and then writes and sends my reply, Discourse doesn’t actually tag it as a reply to said comment but as a standalone reply/comment in the thread. I have no idea why it looses tracking of some (all?) of my replies…

Good lord, multi-Gigabit Internet is fast. I responded to a few “DMs” and in that time, Steam had already installed Control :slight_smile:

[! Except !] 
[ FaultMod ]  # File.....: 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll'
[ FaultMod ]  * RIP Addr.: KERNELBASE.dll+0000000000023E49h
[StackFrame] <-> Rip=7fffdb6a3e49h, Rsp=0000007ff720h, Rbp=0000007ffee0h
[StackFrame] >-< Rsi=000000000001h, Rdi=0000007ffd40h
[  GP Reg  ]   rax:    0x7fffdd32b0ad    rbx:    0x000000000001
[  GP Reg  ]   rcx:    0x0000007ff0f8    rdx:    0x7fffdb6c83cb
[  GP Reg  ]   r8:     0x7fffdb9e3431    r9:     0x000180777250
[  GP Reg  ]   r10:    0x7fffdb9e367b    r11:    0x6d4548809bac
[  GP Reg  ]   r12:    0x000000000001    r13:    0xffffffff80004005
[  GP Reg  ]   r14:    0x0000e0434f4d    r15:    0x0000e0434f4d
[ GP Flags ]   EFlags: 0x00000202
[ DebugReg ]   dr0:    0x0000007ff1c0    dr1:    0x000000000002
[ DebugReg ]   dr2:    0xfffffffffffffffe    dr3:    0x0000007ff0f8
[ DebugReg ]   dr6:    0x6d454880843c    dr7:    0x0000007ff0f0
 KERNELBASE.dll >                 RaiseException
 KERNELBASE.dll >                 RaiseException
 SpecialK64.dll >              SK_RaiseException  <C:\Users\amcol\source\repos\SpecialK\src\diagnostics\debug_utils.cpp:3316>
 SpecialK64.dll >          RaiseException_Detour  <C:\Users\amcol\source\repos\SpecialK\src\diagnostics\debug_utils.cpp:3500>
   mscorwks.dll >           StrongNameFreeBuffer
   mscorwks.dll >            CreateAssemblyCache
   mscorwks.dll >  CertCreateAuthenticodeLicense
   mscoreei.dll >                     CorExeMain
    MSCOREE.DLL >                     CorExeMain
   KERNEL32.dll >            BaseThreadInitThunk
      ntdll.dll >             RtlUserThreadStart

This is going to be fun to debug :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me 30 minutes - 2 hours. If I haven’t fixed it by then, take away my skiled debugger badge and give it to the needy :slight_smile:

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