SKIF v 0.7.1 - Improved Global Injection

  • Introduces more visual feedback to indicate the state of Global Injection prior to launching a Steam game with the “Game Management” tab.

Many new users were under the impression that launching Steam games via SKIF was all that was necessary to use Special K in them, but that has never been the case. The game launcher part of SKIF is just a convenience, Global Injection (or a Local DLL) is still necessary to modify anything being launched.

The updated design now indicates the status of Global Injection in the “Injection Strategy” header, as well as the status bar when you hover a game’s launch button:

Additionally, you may start / stop global injection in the “Injection Strategy” header.

    Download SKIF v  (1.7 MB) [ A ton of changes ]
    Download SKIF v  (1.7 MB) [ Hand cursor + fix for first item being unclickable ]
    Download SKIF v  (1.7 MB) [ Help tab + Whitelist/blacklist fix for missing Global folder ]
    Download SKIF v  (1.7 MB) [ Options tab + Windows 8.1 fix + various changes ]
    Download SKIF v  (1.7 MB) [ Lower CPU Usage ]
    Download SKIF v 0.7.1     (1.7 MB)