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I’d think at least a couple of those projects were made for when developing a new engine, to stress it etc. I could never picture a Ryse sequel being a real thing.

Is that with Fast Sync On ?

Yeah I’m not 100% sure on some of the info but the escalating cost and expectations on sales probably means there’s little chance of a new Crysis or Ryse game in the same style as the originals at least.

Ryse especially was pretty troubled with years of inactivity and somewhat rushed to completion as a platform showcase explaining some of it’s flaws.

Some of this can also come from ex employees and layoffs so things change or they portray their experience in a very negative bias or how to say and sometimes even more solid info can be turned out to be mostly made up or based on more plausible rumors or estimations.

Doesn’t rule out Crytek couldn’t try to invest more into the Crysis or Ryse franchises or the brands and then also VR particularly if they could get support through something like the new Oculus device maybe with Robinson 2 on that list.

Don’t think a Ryse sequel can even be a thing as the plot is self contained and a whole lot of stuff is wrong or made up or changed around ha ha. :smiley:

EDIT: Well Title +1 can happen regardless of anything Far Cry and it’s Ubisoft spin-offs and then Far Cry 2 being something entirely different just as one example I suppose. :smiley:

EDIT: Suppose Meta Critic can be added to the pile next to ridiculous sales estimations and humongous development costs too.

(Via Reset Era.)

When I capped fps tp 50, my monitor’s refresh rate was also set to 50Hz.
I also tried changing refresh rate to 60Hz and capped framerate to 60fps. And it still stutters.

Anyway, it is Waitable SwapChain option that causes stutters in the new version. It does not matter what fps or Hz I set. If that option is enabled, AC: Odyssey will stutter.
There is no problem using Waitable SwapChain with other games though. Only Odyssey stutters.

That’s with regular VSYNC.

Oh, that. Don’t worry about it. It’s the game’s anti-debug, it makes using waitable swapchains very unreliable.

All Ubisoft games have this problem, until they pull their head out of their butt and stop doing this stuff.

Use this version of Special K to defeat some of the performance problems with this feature in Ubisoft games:

SpecialK64_UbisoftSucks.7z (7.6 MB)


Nice to see & know.
I like Reinhard simple, Reinhard-Jodie and DSCS315-R1 (ISO = 6.0).

But I don’t have a real HDR monitor/tv. My (old) LG tv has Support for 10bpc and REC709.
I use now the tv’s option “dynamic contrast” = middle, and it gives me better middle contrast near the original look (w/o dc). So that’s my “HDR” in HZD game. :grin:

Next time I try your newest SK version with Tomb Raider games…

Are these SK versions w/ HDR & Ubisoft Bugfixes DirectX11 only?
Or could I use that for DirectX12 Games like HorizonZD or Tomb Raider?

I’m confused by the new measures in the UK occuring on Thursday. Only essential shops can stay open, and you need good reason to go out. But erm, schools stay open even though there’s no real social distancing in schools, and thousands of students get crammed together for lunch breaks in the cafeteria :confused:

When I turned on HDR with this it immediately caused a massive Memory leak in WDL game. I mean within minutes My memory maxed out at 30 to 31GB. I only have 32GB which was why my game suddenly locked up within 3 minutes of SK running in HDR mode. Was using this as Local injection though in WDL. So hopefully the latest SK you uploaded will have fixed that issue.

with SK HDR on for Aces SDR to HDR it definitely causes quite a bit of fps drop. Didn’t do that before this dxgi.dll version you made. Not sure why it suddenly changed so much. I should clarify that if 11Bit is check it causes my fps drops pretty bad. It seems it is tied to 11bit mode in WDL being on. My memory is also not nearly as high at all. Hovering around 1 to 2GB with only 10bit-16bit instead of 13GB with 11bit-16 on.

I do think though memory leak could have been aggreviated by actual usage of Fullscreen mode in WDL as well. Haven’t double check that. But it seems so far with only 10bit mode on and FS Windowed mode on the game doesn’t have massive memory leak. But now I think about it, the game / pc became unresponsive when WDL was using actual Fullscreen mode. So it’s more likely Fullscreen exclusive in this game with SK’s HDR that is causing the massive memory leak. But the fps drop definitely happens with 11bit checked.

Don’t use this on an AMD driver. It won’t work.

The general process works on AMD, but the dummies at Ubisoft are using NVIDIA and AMD proprietary graphics APIs for HDR. So it’s not a problem I created, but one they did and because I don’t have an AMD system with HDR capabilities at the moment, I can’t fix their crap.

Actually I got it to work. I don’t have HDR enabled in the ubisoft game just using SK’s one. And I realized if I use my local luminance? which is like 351 it does quite a decent job and my fps is not dropping when I am running in FS Windowed mode. On top of that I maxed out Middle grey and game doesn’t have weird clipping going on or weird black stuff. Night time actually looks like night time. Just move brightness slider in WDL at 52% and its all good.

Doesn’t look like that but well yeah. Just to see my monitors settings for WDL.

Okay, good.

Don’t use Fullscreen Exclusive in that game. The second you do, it tries to activate its actual HDR. In a way we’re lucky Ubisoft thinks that HDR only works in fullscreen mode :slight_smile: That stops them from breaking their own game in windowed mode too.

Yeah it’s weird here too.
The situation has worsened and there’s been quite a few concerns like how the hospital staff is getting really worried as they’re already working really hard even compared to usual and then concerns from shops and store owners with some taking initiatives on their own for trying to minimize the problems with this but it’s down more to general recommendations and there’s little general care among many of the people.

Halloween and all-hallows-eve weekend too so a lot of people out and then the schools now opening after the Autumn break.

Situation in stores is chaotic as well with no real concern from other people so someone might stand directly behind you ignoring the distance recommendation entirely or people with various cold symptoms (Doesn’t have to be CV19 as such.) are coughing or sneezing openly without even covering their mouths/noses.

Only thing positive is that I have a pretty good immune system but my parents have entirely giving a care at all though I see the same among a lot of the elderly around here too though these are also the same elderly I get routinely walked past as I take hikes in rough terrain having a [beep] of a time with mud and wet surfaces in the name of exercising and trying to keep somewhat fit.

Meanwhile a old lady with these walking sticks is passing by like it’s nothing and over double my age too it’s kinda weird how healthy and fit the elderly here are ha ha.

Pretty sure as the situation is now worsening to where staying at home is a recommendation it’s going to be impossible to avoid CV19 for too much longer dog owner as well so taking walks is part of that and having to veer way off the sidewalk into the road if you’re trying to keep distance to people you meet heh.

Hoping the bigger cities manage better at least, wouldn’t want to try collective traffic especially trains or subways with this situation and then schools as another problem area and I think retirement homes are also open again but might close down a bit more now that the situation is worsening.

Right mess this thing no real solution either just have to try and see if something happens not too worried about my own chances but since it takes a while for symptoms to show up and it can range from severe to eh it’s a minimal cold that’s a tough problem and then risk of spreading it before it shows more clear symptoms as well.

Only good thing is that the overall mortality rate remains low though seen to Sweden’s population it’s going pretty poorly with keeping it in check with the number of confirmed cases and it being all over the country almost.

Think Spain recently enforced even harder conditions and the US seems to be a bit mixed from state to state but as far as I can tell the belief in the EU is that Spain is a problem zone and the US is having it even worse especially some states.

These DIY home solutions aren’t doing much either like cloth masks that have no protective purposes what so ever or bottles and other stuff like fruit.

Suppose combinations work (somewhat better.) and some of them will at least keep people at a distance. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I have no idea what a fruit is going to accomplish though let alone a open piece of salad.

Where i’m working, people get too comfortable since they’re stuck with each other for a few hours and just take off their masks after the first hour or so. Hell, there’s a woman who physically flirts with me sometimes. There’s way too many on the streets as well just walking around without any masks, and some never covering their nose (good way to indicate if you’re an asshole). I definitely should learn to drive asap, to avoid some of these people.

Been exercising a lot myself lately and have decent stamina so i assume i’m fine, but i’ve never had a health check done. As for my family, almost all the adults have some sort of health problem, for some reason. In this town, you’re prone to unhealthy food and hypnotic TV all the time.

Yeah larger shops and general food stores are some of the more problematic areas around here and then restaurants buffets and such being super popular so you get quite a crowd much as the staff tries to keep a certain distance it’s not going to work too well.

Fast food’s certainly a thing as is sugar but overall health seem to be generally good though the hospitals are overburdened due to the pandemic and the situation with lengthy work hours and lack of staff was already a concern before that started.

Outdoors works pretty well most of the time some of the smaller paths can be a bit of a problem but even when you meet a group walking side by side on a walkway there’s usually room to sidestep them ha ha.

Corona is just one problem though the increase in criminal activity and harder crimes is what’s more of a concern gang violence has increased even here and some areas in even this smaller town are not exactly the safest to be around.

Not as bad as the larger city itself or the bigger cities in this country but it’s certainly changed.
Stuff like Hell’s Angels having a chapter around here now and then smaller gangs various political extremists and foreign elements and even some pretty large groups almost on par with syndicates.

City planning and buildup for the next population target up from 50k to 70k and then 100k is certainly noticeable and all that comes with it.

Forgot if it was early this year or last year but police raided a few places in the bigger cities shutting down bomb manufacturing on a more advanced level so things are certainly escalating although it’s not quite on that level here.
(Firearms crimes are a thing now though so that’s a step up alright.)

And shifting from some of the stuff happening in Sweden and Europe in regards to certain activities well.

ReShade 4.8.2 is out fixing up the 4.8.x release pretty well by this point. :slight_smile:

Seems 4.8.x is now fairly fixed up.

Yeah that’s a bit of a turn alright but what’s to say, hopefully the situation improves and hopefully that also goes for CV19 whenever something more solid is available to fix this problem.

I honestly don’t even really know how to handle the current situation. Like, Sweden doesn’t still actually enforce any restrictions – it’s all “recommendations” and “stricter general guidelines” for the public.

And still nothing have been closed down or the use of masks enforced yet. Sure, more and more starts using masks, but, like, it’s still basically a bucket in the ocean.

We just entered wave two for real in Sweden, and yet I still see relatives and friends basically act indifferent to it all. And it’s… I mean… I don’t think any of my age group (25-35 years old) really have anything to worry about even if we were to catch it, but it’s partially infuriating to see older generations not care at all about it either…

Gah, this whole situation :anger:

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Yep it’s quite a problem alright, don’t know much of a solution either just doing what one can but it’s not really that much and it’s quite a mess.

Hmmm, I think the most gang crime we have here are the wannabe gangsters aka kids who carry knives, and often out of fear.

Used to be that type of stuff here but then it turned into more organized larger groups ranging from racial tensions to smuggling and larger organized “tours” stealing things like boats (Engines in particular.) and other heavier jobs and thefts also often between borders and out to the rest of Europe with some of these hauls.

Cyber crime more recently and a larger escalation of firearms trading even some who are now more openly brandishing guns or carrying despite heavy regulations and laws around guns in this country.

EDIT: One year ago I think it was a ring reselling Cold-War style Russian surplus military ordnance more on the pistols and handguns but a few things on the size of SMG’s and even grenades too.

Hard drugs and online drug trading.

And sex trade as well.

Increase in violence and overall brutality is also a concern though part of that is from the current leadership and the change or shift in attitude as a result. Real problem that.