Specific Game Mods Current State

So people have been asking and trying to know how SKIF and SKIM interact as far as injection support and compatibility goes, so I tried almost all the games from SKIM with the local injection and the automatic profile pulled from SKIF to see how they behave and if most of them are working correctly. (The hyperlinks are for fixes that can’t be installed from SKIM at their latest version or latest safe version in the case of Dark Souls III)

Ni No Stutter (Ni No Kuni 2)

Latest Version: 0.2.0
Latest Version from SKIM: 0.2.0

  • This version works fine with no major bugs;

.hack//G.P.U (.hack//G.U. Last Recode)

Latest Version:
Latest Version from SKIM:

  • Version currently bugs the resolution, (defaulting to 1920x1080 even if you set it higher at the game options) version works fine with no visible bugs;

FAR (NieR:Automata)

Latest Version:
Latest version from SKIM:

  • Both versions work fine with caveats, the SKIM version has problems opening CEGUI extended monitoring and on SKIF’s I had to use override resolution to make the game work in 2560x1440; (was defaulting to the original 1600x900)

Tales of Berseria “Fix” (Tales of Berseria)

Latest Version:
Latest Version from SKIM:
SKIF with this game pulls the regular Special K without any custom settings

  • The SKIM version works fine, but in the latest version Special K crashes on game close; (not really a major bug but it’s still a bug)

Tales of Zestiria “Fix” (Tales of Zestiria)

Latest Version: 1.8.5
Latest Version from SKIM: 1.8.5
SKIF with this game pulls the regular Special K without any custom settings

  • SKIM version works fine without any major bugs;

Tales of Symphonia “Fix” (Tales of Symphonia)

Latest Version: 0.10.5
Latest Version from SKIM: 0.10.5
SKIF with this game pulls the regular Special K without any custom settings

  • The Mod installs work fine and the game runs without problems (wish this one could have CEGUI OSD support because having to keep rivatuner just for the OSD in this game isn’t that great)

  • Saw people saying something about 60 FPS battle mode but didn’t manage to make it work changing the Battle option under TSFix.FrameRate at the .ini so don’t know if it’s working;

Tales of Vesperia “Fix” (Tales of Vesperia)

Latest Version:

  • Most options of the mod work fine, (MSAA option, DoF and Sharpen Shadows) need to turn off generate mipmaps option as that currently bugs the game on the latest version of the injection (textures and menus get corrupted);

Fallout 4 “Works” (Fallout 4)

Latest Version:?
Latest Version from SKIM:?

  • I don’t have this game so I can’t test it, if someone can check if it fetches the custom fix directly from SKIF or if it needs to be installed from SKIM, I’ll edit it later here;

Pretty Prinny (Disgaea 1)

Latest Version: 0.7.x
Latest Version from SKIM: Installation through SKIM doesn’t work currently giving an error (failed to fetch version info from Github)

  • On the latest version of the game editing PrettyPrinny.ini works correctly on injection (setting higher resolutions and adding MSAA), but opening CEGUI and trying any kind of interactions with it crashes the game;

Souls “Unsqueezed” (Dark Souls 3)

Latest Version: 0.6.0
Latest version from SKIM:

  • Mod works fine, but since many people said Special K injection is prone for online banning it’s better to disable it on this game; (or use it but play the game offline, people said about version 0.4.0 being safe for use)

"Untlited" Project X (Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster)

Latest Version:
Latest Version from SKIM:
SKIF with this game pulls the regular Special K without any custom settings

  • Mod works fine, but OSD settings from Extended Monitoring hang trying to open most of the time;

Ys8 Fixin’ Stuff (Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana)

Latest Version: 0.8.0

  • Game works perfectly fine now (after the 17th of January patch update), but the mod can still run fine (turn off mipmap generation as that bugs video playback for the game FMV’s and also the loading logo in the game), this one I let the mod running mostly for the CEGUI OSD;

If there’s any game with specific fixes besides those, please post them here and I’ll try adding them to this list to keep the thread updated (hopefully the formatting is ok for people to understand the explanations and testing), it seems Monster Hunter: World has a fix but didn’t get around buying this one so can’t test it (yet)


Whoah this a really great thread! Thank you for documenting these!

Apologies, any idea where I might find version of .hack//G.P.U? Version only ever seems to properly work the first time it runs after installing, and afterwards just breaks the Steam overlay. If there’s a recommended version to combat this issue, please let me know.

OK, managed to figure out that is via SKIF, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to inject texture mods in. Someone mind lending a hand? (And if this should go elsewhere, please let me know)

Did some further mucking about and went back to and turned off MSI Afterburner, seems to have fixed it right up. Hopefully the last edit I need to make.

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about untitilted project Unx does not work on the flip side you can properly load recent versions of reshade

Latest version of FAR is now 0.7.1, beginning with SK 20.12.28. It’s unreleased, but going live soon. Figured I’d mention it, since FAR hasn’t gotten any updates in years.

Known issues fixed:

  • Framerate uncap works again (broke in 0.11.0)
  • Auto-update for the mod when a new version of SK is installed locally is now disabled

I’ve gone and applied that second change to all plug-ins built-in to SK, since it was causing weird issues for people trying to drop a new version of SK into some of these games and that would immediately download an old version from GitHub.