Scaling issue in Nier Automta

Hi everyone, I’m having a weird scaling issue using the latest version (September 10) of Special K in Nier Automata with default settings. I’m trying to run Nier Automata at 720p on a 1080p display and 125% scaling. Instead I get a 900p output, scaled to 1080p, with the game displaying smaller in the top left. This doesn’t happen without using Special K or using the standalone FAR mod version

Is it a known bug? Anyone knows how to fix? So far I’ve been using the standalone FAR mod to lower the GI settings, but would like to use the latest Special K.


The answer is in my post with all the game fixes from SKIM, also the needed modifications if they have newer versions on SKIF (which is the case for Nier Automata)

Thanks a lot! Using the resolution override works!

One other thing. I’m going to be using the .dll on the game location method of installing, instead of the global injection method. Once Special K gets updated, is the best method of updating just copying the new SpecialK64.dll and rename it to dxgi.dll? Or is there a more automated process?

Yes, exactly.

Great. Thanks for the help.