Special K v - Latency Monitoring

   ( Flip Model + Fullscreen Exclusive is now supported for all D3D11 games! )

  This means that HDR can now be used in Fullscreen Display Modes, with Refresh Rate
    overrides and (on NV hardware) your choice of signal encoding (e.g. YCbCr 4:4:4).

    Refer to the Display menu for more details

      >> NOTE: Not all of the Signal Encodings listed will work for your current
         Refresh Rate (NvAPI -SUCKS- at enumerating Signal + Refresh Support)

  + A ton of tooltips have been added to the D3D11 SwapChain and Framerate Limiter
      sections, mostly amounting to "Reduces Input Latency."

    * Tooltips will be improved later, for now pay attention to "Low Latency Mode"
        and "Drop Late Frames" in the Framerate Limiter config section.

 - Sleepless Window / Render Thread were accidentally enabled by default in

 + Removed Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3 Flip Model plug-in options, these games will
     use the standard SK flip model settings now instead of requiring special config.

 + Increased number of partitions addressable in Disk Monitoring OSD from 16 to 128.

 + Unified IDXGISwapChain::Present (...) and IDXGISwapChain1::Present1 (...)
     code for better compatibility with Chromium-based games (i.e. CrossCode) and
       video players (i.e. VLC).

     >> Steam Overlay does not hook/wrap IDXGISwapChain1::Present1 and cannot count
          frames or even figure out when to draw in software that calls Present1 (...).

      @  (!!)  VALVE might want to do something about this at some point :P

     Download Special K v

Source Code (v



Clicking the download link in this post gives me an error :frowning:

You weren’t even supposed to be able to see this post yet :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a work in progress.

I purged the CDN cache though, and the link should work now.

I am very special. Well the link at the top of every page gave me 11.0.49. The link in your post still doesn’t.

Quickly tested, but I also very quickly crashed it, as soon as I turn on disk monitor on in OSD.

game_output.log (199 Bytes) modules.log (25.9 KB) SpecialK.log (30.8 KB) steam_api.log (182 Bytes) CEGUI.log (69.0 KB) crash.log (5.5 KB) dxgi_budget.log (705 Bytes)

Good grief. You have an insane number of volumes :slight_smile:

SK stopped allocating storage for drive letters at P.

Yes, I have C-Q currently, with R being delivered tomorrow.

Shouldn’t it stop at V or W something, Z I think is some reserve?

I like round powers-of-two, so I stupidly allocated an array of 16 thinking that’d be adequate for all systems :slight_smile:

Reviewing the GPT documentation, it looks like the actual limit should be 128.


My pleasure to break your conventions :stuck_out_tongue:

 + Increased number of partitions addressable in Disk Monitoring OSD from 16 to 128.


When I click either download link in this thread.

There’s something wrong with the CDN edge cache. It will probably take an hour or two to fix itself.

Here’s a more direct link that’s probably not cached:


Success! Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think that part of the OSD is functioning correctly to begin with :-\


Yeah somethings wrong here, i have a lot of drives but not THAT many

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Maybe some changes to the OS or some such? Windows 10 has a few additions and the newest updates also resolve some issues with something here plus upcoming builds adding other data for readout.
(Think that was mostly related to SMART and the SSD’s readout for overall healthiness.)


EDIT: Ah those are both the drives and all the separate volumes isn’t it? Including possibly also the storage / hidden ones Microsoft likes to add such as during the OS install process and the newest cache it uses for updates.

Plus changes to the volume in 20H1 adding the reserve partition last instead of first so it can expand and grow instead of being fixed size but that might be irrelevant for the readout here.

Apparently I have 35 Xvd’s listed in device manager…

XBox Virtual Device for the XBox app I think and it’s drivers, strange how there’s so many of them though.

EDIT: Seems it’s something like that.