SKIF or local install help (new user)


I’ve been having trouble trying to get special K to work with multiple games.

At this point I haven’t seen the console pop up yet.

It causes monster hunter world (plus iceborne with the dx12 api disabled from the ingame menu) to not boot and total war: (attila, shogun 2, medieval 2, warhammer 2) to hang on start up.

This happened from a SKIF install using global injection, but I have also tried local .dll as well.

I have disabled RTSS, msi afterburner, evga precision, displaycal profile loader.

Whitelisted **Documents\My Mods\SpecialK in bitdefender

  • on Windows 10 professional

Uninstalled all reshade using its .exe

crash.log (258 Bytes) dxgi.log (9.2 KB) modules.log (26.8 KB)

this are the files i got from attila but it did not generate any for MH:world

BitDefender has an “Active Threat Control” or “Active Threat Defense” or similar module/component that works by injecting itself into processes and scan I/O operations from within the process.

I believe that module uses a separate whitelist (and possibly would require whitelisting the games themselves). See if you can locate and disable that module for testing purposes and if that allows Special K to work properly.

amazing, thank you

i had to disable the entire advanced threat defence because the “manage exceptions” option was greyed out in the console.

didn’t work with local .dll but did with global injection using SKIF. (

and that was with MH: world.

edit: advanced threat defence manage exceptions works when applied to the game .exe