Persona 5 Strikers Injection Help

Whenever I turn on Global Injection the game doesn’t run it crashes at start.

If i start the game with special k disabled and enable it in game it injects properly but I have to restart the game for hdr to run again.

Anyway to fix this issue?

It doesn’t crash, the game just switches to D3D9 as soon as it plays a video.

Thanks to some wonkiness related to Denuvo and the game stupidly insisting that game.exe is how it wants to be known (tons of other games also are known only as game.exe), I can’t distribute a default compatibility profile for this game to automatically address that issue.

You need to disable D3D9 and D3D9Ex hooking, since you only have a limited window of time to do that before the game plays an FMV and the config UI disappears, consult the INI file rther than looking in the control panel :slight_smile:



Also, I suggest using one of the latest test releases on Discord. Refer to the link at the top of the site and the #releases channel.