Download Special K

Special K has two different versions: a “stable” version that gets updated every 6 months or so, as well as a more experimental version where new features and fixes are introduced before being included in the next stable version.


Use the following link to download a stable version of Special K. This version is often dated by a few months, so if you run into any issues try using the experimental version as the issue might’ve been changed in that one.

Test / Experimental

The latest experimental versions can be found over on the Discord server, where all active development and releases occurs. It’s also possible to opt-in to this version from the stable version:

  1. Launch the Special K Injection Frontend (SKIF.exe)
  2. Open the :gear: Settings tab.
  3. Change Check for updates to Special K to Discord (updates regularly).
  4. If there’s a new version available it will automatically be downloaded (~10 MB) in the background. Once the download is finished, SKIF will prompt about installing it.

For discussions related to any of the versions, we recommend joining us on Discord.

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