No HDR widget settings are showing up in the Nier Automata FAR mod

For reference, I installed the HDR fix for the game by renaming the dxgi files to dinput8 and replacing the files in the game directory. I have 10-bit color and HDR turned on in the windows settings. The FAR installation clearly recognizes HDR because I can activate the widget, but no matter where I click on the widget no settings show up for me to alter. The game is way too bright right now, so I need to adjust the HDR settings, which I’m assuming is done in the widget. Sorry for the weird image resolution (my monitor has a weird ultrawide resolution). The widget is at the top right, and the arrow does not drop down any settings.


Can you try downloading the latest version of Special K, available from here:

Then take SpecialK64.dll and rename it to dinput8.dll and overwrite the existing file in the NieR: Automata folder.

Oh, and remove dinput8.ini as well to ensure the config file gets recreated.

Do you have anti-aliasing turned on?

It’s necessary to turn that off, and turn 8-bit remastering on in the widget.

I did this, but now the game opens and immediately stops responding the moment I launch it. The new dinput8 config file was made however, and I haven’t tried changing any settings yet. Is there a log you’d want me to upload?

I don’t think AA was turned on, but the problem was that there were no options in the widget for me to turn on or tweak. It was just blank.

With HDR on, the game sometimes starts and sometimes doesn’t, ending up with the frozen screen I mentioned above. When it does start, the loading screen fades to black. I can still hear the game and make inputs, but the screen is just black.

Turn 8-bit remastering on.

This worked, but the game still freezes and crashes 90% of the time, and there are still no settings in the HDR widget to tweak when the game does work.

Is there some sort of log I should upload that might explain what’s happening?

I was able to fix the crashing issue, however I still can’t toggle any HDR settings or even turn HDR on/off.

Can you provide your logs that are located below the logs folder of the game? dinput8.log and modules.log in particular.

The issue you’re describing sounds really weird, to be honest – almost as if Special K/FAR doesn’t detect HDR is enabled in Windows.

Yeah, but I can’t upload the files here. Should I just paste the text here?

It’s weird, FAR detects the HDR because the widget is only there when windows HDR is turned on. It’s just that there are no toggles/settings, so the HDR is permanently on and not calibrated. I’m using FAR version, if that would help/make a difference.

Can you upload the logs to and then link them here?


Remove 3DMigoto

Is 3DMigoto dxgi.dll?

I might try a fresh install with the version of FAR you gave in the HDR post. Will the texture pack mod work if I put the textures in the SK_Res folder?

I don’t remember – perhaps. I don’t think it was tested and I’ve seen conflicting reports on whether it works or not. There’s no harm in trying though.

3DMigoto is the d3d11.dll file in the game folder, according to your modules log.

It is most likely what breaks HDR.

I tried removing d3d11.dll and its associated log file and got this error, which is in the image link. I also uploaded every log that updated for when the error happened. I can only post 2 links per post, so I am separating it across 7 posts I guess. Any ideas?

Crash log: