For some reason special K will no longer work for me any help?

Ive used special K for around 6 months now and until recently it worked fine. But over the past two weeks or so its completely stopped doing anything and in fact tanked the fps more. Some examples of games Ive used it for are:
Nier replicant
Cold steel 1, 2 and 3
Yakuza like a dragon
Nier Automata

Would anybody be able to help or have any suggestions. Ive tried deleting and installing multiple versions of special K yet nothings worked yet.

Is this when using global or local injection? And have you tried both methods?

Local injections should basically always work for all games that it’s known compatible for. If it doesn’t, then that means a third-party software is interfering.

Global injection might not work if for example Steam has been launched as an administrator, which causes games launched through Steam to also run elevated, thereby preventing SK from being injected into them.

I tried local injection on one of the special K versions I downloaded. Ill try it now on the others.

quick edit - How do i do the local injection again?

by the way, if you’re wanting to use global injection, might also want to try installing with the installer from the ‘test version’ section from here if you haven’t already-

you could also grab the SpecialK64.dll from the archive download and rename that SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll and place it in your steam game folder for a local injection/install for the nier games. there are a couple quick guides on the special k discord as well for local injection for automata and replicant

as well as these resources you can check-