Costume Quest SpecialK crash

So I’m trying to play this massively popular and relevant game at 2020, Costume Quest by Double Fine, and it has pretty bad stuttering. I think it’s probably due to how the engine is limiting frame-rate but I was hoping to at least try play with display settings (flip discard, frame limiting and such) using SpecialK to try fix it.

It’s the Epic Games store version, I whitelisted it in SKIF.

But it crashes.

crash.log (1.8 KB) SpecialK.log (11.8 KB)

Costume Quest is capped at 30fps

If specialk don’t work and if you had an Nvidia gpu try with the half rate vsync with a 60hz refresh rate set on your display(60/2=30hz/fps)

Edit:Don’t waste time with the half rate vsync, still stuttering badly. :sweat_smile:

Close afterburner/rivatuner and use this for Costume Quest SpecialK.ini

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That did the trick, thank you! Much appreciated. Ceartinly in a very playable state now. I’ll actually also try this for another Double Fine game, Iron Brigade, it has similar poorly implemented 30fps lock so going to cross my fingers it fixes the stutter there.

Guess I should’ve tried witout afterburner/rivatuner from the start, forgot that can interfere (but I do really like the monitoring options on that).

In my case/config closing Afterburner/Rivatuner alone don’t do the trick. Need to change same settings on the .ini