Bug Report: Crash in Prey (2017) with CEGUI enabled

When using SpecialK with Prey, I’ve noticed that if you alt-tab out of the game (at least while in fullscreen, borderless has not been tested) while the CEGUI is enabled the game will crash to desktop.

Crash logs uploaded for convenience.
CEGUI.log (68.9 KB) dxgi.log (26.6 KB) dxgi_budget.log (705 Bytes) game_output.log (1.7 KB) modules.log (26.2 KB) steam_api.log (1.9 KB)

You can try enabling the “Continue Rendering” feature which prevents the game from receiving the Alt+Tab command, which may or may not solve it.

Hopefully Kal will be able to replace CEGUI entirely within 2021 which should prevent it from continuing to cause issues like this.