Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Thankfully there aren’t many D3D12 games in the wild even now 5 years into its release, lol. I think the slow trickle is about to flood wide open with the new console generation, however. So it was definitely time to act on this.

If I let it go any longer, I’d be flooded with problems later. I definitely don’t have the option of cheating and using D3D11On12 (or, lol, D3D9On12) like some of these other overlays, since SK is way more than an overlay. Gotta build this stuff natively or none of the really unique things SK does will apply outside of D3D11, lol.

That works, thanks mate.

Yeah it was fairly surprising to hear that a lot of software still relied on the D3D11on12 and it’s variants. (Think there’s one for Win7 support too but yeah that’s unlikely to see support from SpecialK hah. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Would imagine Steam, Uplay and others will eventually have to update but it could drag a while yet for these overlays and other software that could potentially conflict.

Interesting although appreciated even if the game has a few bugs that it appears Valhalla after some earlier Anvil Engine Next (2.0?) issues focused on a pure D3D12 implementation without D3D11 at all.

Sounds like Far Cry 6 and AMD’s co-operative with the developers are aiming for the same and implemented a bunch of additional D3D12 functionality though the code could also see a lot of AMD’s AGS extensions and RDNA(2) specific optimizations but hopefully nothing that would directly conflict with anything.

Not sure what Cyberpunk will do thinking it’s been in development long enough (Really long.) that it’s likely to be D3D11/D3D12 and then there’s the next-gen version and updates for 2021 but how much of that applies to the PC port well maybe not too much other than the game possibly needing a few patches or so.

Shouldn’t be too rough at least or well compared to Ubisoft and these recent games at least ha ha.

Core seems to work well enough though, game bugs and glitches are annoying but resolvable.
(Should set a reminder to keep $60 around for Nioh2 incentive but maybe Nier is a better pick for seeing what SpecialK can do even as specific game fixes are less of a thing. :smiley: )

And whatever Ubisoft will do here, Legion is fairly playable, Valhalla works OK enough with some bugs and in a few months for D3D12 in general there will be DirectX 12.2 and it’s … going to take even more years before that’s a major thing at all but maybe the X Series console hardware will push it to see some usage at least. Ha ha.

EDIT: Plus the continued wondrous state of PC HDR support and that entire thing, Microsoft, AMD and NVIDIA even direct developer support there’s still all sorts of snags and issues even as backwards compatibility concerns and legacy support and coding practices or older API’s dwindle a little bit.

lol, I feel like this game’s just checking random boxes…

Away: Journey to the Unexpected - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game

D3D12 is Shader Model 5.1

Yeah, some of PCGW’s data – especially concerning Unity – is not reliable due to bad editing practices. Unity has a few command-line arguments that allows users to force the use of a specific render API, and some editors simply launched the game once with one of those arguments and then wrote it as “supported” and called it a day.

It’s why a ton of Unity games lists Dx7 as supported for some weird reason – they used to have a really old fallback renderer that could be forced and since the game launched while using it, the editor assumed (incorrectly) that the whole game supported it.

Unfortunately it does not work with AC Origins / Odyssey.
Game does not start or simply crashes during load.
Not having any overlay or DXVK installed.

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Compatibility comes and goes, almost wonders if it’s the UPlay client or related like the overlay possibly causing it but they now give a toggle for not being prompted all the time about enabling the overlay if the user choose to disable it. (So you know ask them constantly even though the user set the overlay to disabled, hah.)

Plus your post already mentions toggling it off.

Origins should be the more compatible one and Odyssey has been a bit hit & miss from one version to another.

Settings wise some of these like invoking DirectX Diagnostics or DXDiag, not sure if Kaldaien has attempted to resolve that but it’s from trying D3D9 first.


That’s how you do that in the config file. Last Known isn’t really important but the others other than the relevant API to disabled essentially.

Specifically you may have to disable hooks for D3D9 and D3D9X (Which otherwise enables D3D9 if you only set that one.) optionally D3D12 can also be set to false it’s not used by the two prior games. :slight_smile:
(Similarly D3D11 can possibly be set to false for D3D12 games along with if needed due to DXDiag calls D3D9/9 EX)

Don’t think there’s too much other than that, HDR enhancements are now disabled by default and then there’s Steam but I don’t believe it would be a major problem unless it’s something with that overlay instead and having to disable Steam stuff in SpecialK (Silent=True which maybe should have it’s own section or naming denoting it from Silent=True for log functionality but eh it’s two separate categories too here.)

Other than that global injection versus local injection and what works best and if so you have D3D12.dll or D3D11.dll against DXGI.dll

Possibly DInput8.dll and then potential compatibility issues if there’s other hooks like XInput wrapping.
Playstation gamepads primarily, think you can technically use Steam and it’s options or Big Picture Mode for much of that now over other third party software including adding non-Steam games to Steam for this.

I tend to favor local injection and a per-game approach for using SpecialK so it’s usually DXGI.dll with ReShade once SpecialK has been verified to work getting D3D11 or D3D12 .dll alternatively trying the proxy functionality against ReShade.dll

Third party software wise there’s Riva Tuner and a whole bunch of others I think part of it’s compatible but for D3D12 it can be a bit iffier if RTSS is possibly not configured to turn off going via D3D11onD3D12 first for the profile or the global configuration file here from what I understand of this.
(Might be more on some of the other functionality and features SpecialK D3D12 would be capable of though without that compatibility path.)

Anything else I’m missing think that’s about all short of checking perhaps modules.log or the crash log and such SpecialK has for further info.

Hopefully it’s just DXDiag being the problem here. :slight_smile:

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How do u enable Reshade with this standalone??

Try renaming the Resahde DLL to d3d12.dll

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I seem to be running into a crash related to Avast possibly :

12/08/2020 14:31:07.973: [SEH-Except] Exception Code: e06d7363 - Flags: (Non-Continuable) - Arg Count: 4 [ Calling Module: C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\aswAMSI.dll ]
12/08/2020 14:31:07.973: [SEH-Except] >> Best-Guess For Source of Exception: on_avast_dll_unload

Uninstall Avast, or whitelist the game and possibly SKIF.

Disable the UPlay overlay. Edit: Nevermind, compatibility is hit and miss. It crashed in the middle of a quest.

It was Avast.

hello and thank you for all the work you did
i do have some question and if u can help me clear the confusion:
is there a specific setting to do for 50hz (i can very easily get a 50 fps most of the time and it feel much smoother if i lock this game at 50hz with 50fps but i still get the random stutter
(even if the gpu is not max out neither the cpu)
is there any specific ini setting i can do in the DXGI.ini for 50hz?

also i play with HDR
i dont use the HDR widget as usually the native HDR of game is enouph for me but iam really confuse about how to set HDR on pc correctly

(i game on a x900f 55’ TV on pc with a GTX 1080ti and ryzen 3900 cpu)
if i let the HDR and nvidia control panel to auto i get RGB 8bit with dithering
and it seem to transfer to the game
but i can also set it manualy to YCbCr 422 at 8 10 or 12 bits
i notice there is a difference with RGB 8bit dither and 422 12bits
but i dont know which is best … in RGB some color have more Punch but i would say the is more detail color in 422 12 bits but the black are more grey…
how can i set it properly for Valhalla with special K
i tried cyberpunk 2077 and (without special k… and i can tell the HDR in 422 12 bits get totally wash out… but not in RGB 8bit mode!?
while in valhalla the color dont seem that wash out… just a bit different… somtime it really look beautiful but iam still confuse…
edit: for exemple is the color of blood in Valhalla where in auto RGB mode it will look black while in 422 12 bit it will look more red (depending the ground and enviroments and global light) but black cloth will look more greyish
also i notice in the special it says the output is 8 bit even in hdr with 422 10-12 bit in the nvidia control panel

LOL! Should i use this version or use the one on main post now?

I think the one in the D3D12 topic is the newest general release of SpecialK since Kaldaien edited it and posted a new version there and then there’s a few newer builds in the general discussion topic but they’re a bit more experimental.
(I think, I can’t quite get the SpecialK UI working with D3D12 in the latest build posted for example.)

EDIT: Actually that build is from one the later posts in the D3D12 topic though the later builds in the discussion topic have additions to HDR and HDR screenshot support.

Either this here or the main version from the first post in the D3D12 status topic should work fine with Valhalla though. :slight_smile:

I’m working my ass off over here w/ D3D12 stuff. Can’t keep track of petty individual games :slight_smile: I’ll hire a secretary for that, bahah.

I tried the mod but it keeps crashing after the launch. I’ve disabled all the overlays, ubisoft, nvidia, etc.
I used the link at the top.
please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong

the Valhalla crashed twice nearly in two minutes,and i heared a sound (may be specialk‘s).
here’s my logs, may have some help.