Yakuza: Like A Dragon support

Another Yakuza, another frame pacing hot mess…

Unfortunately using SKIF causes the game to hang or straight up crash when loading a save. I tried the Kiwami 2 patch but that crashes on launch.

There’s a new version of the 64-bit .dll for compatibility with that game. :slight_smile:
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EDIT: Or direct link to the download.


Outstanding! Thank you very much :partying_face:

The engine’s full of the same bugs as the previous 3 games :-\

What sucks is they’re not even all the same engine, but they somehow share the same bugs. The same people didn’t do all 4 ports, the same engine wasn’t used in all 4 ports, the same bugs … somehow exist across all of them (!!)

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Yeah there should be issue trackers and checking the Steam forums and elsewhere and getting some of these recurring issues filed and resolved yet it’s continuing even in newer versions of the engine and the PC ports of the games which just seems really badly managed especially the traction and attention some issues did receive though Lab42 implemented a few fixes between Kiwami and Yakuza 0 but the Dragon engine games have a bunch of issues and some remaining porting problems.

Reminds me of the rough though well attempted job when porting Deus Ex Human Revolution from WiiU back to the other consoles and PC which for the PC port hopped over a lot of work QLOC had done with the original PC port and even getting a few bugs back plus much more that would have been resolved if Square hadn’t ended further support for it.
(There’s other cases like working with beta builds or non-cooperative developers when it’s outsourced and more but those are a bit extreme and it doesn’t quite apply here.)

Sigh and by now the older games are off support plus the ports possibly for Yakuza 3 to Yakuza 5 plus Yakuza 6 is going to be a bit back and forth with older builds unless there’s any truth to the potential Kiwami 3 hinted at.

Ishin and Kenzan would be nice too hear they’re well regarded though some content is problematic so it remains to be seen and then there’s Fist of the North Star and Judgement too.

Dead Souls too but that’s what almost ended the franchise being released in the west due to poor sales following initial poor reception of Westernized Yakuza as they cut content or changed the localization and marketed it as Japanese GTA from SEGA’s end before Atlus USA brought it back and Yakuza 5 performed really well as far as I understand the events at least. :slight_smile:
(Plus their very well handled work in localizing the games and this time keeping the references.)

Well history aside if this continues hopefully the upcoming ports will work better but it seems there’s just going to be a bunch of Yakuza profiles in SpecialK for some of these issues.
(A little list of “Dragon” games next to the “Koei” stuff of everything they’ve released ever I guess? :stuck_out_tongue: )

When i use the mod i get black screen when i switch to fullscreen mode

Then don’t switch to fullscreen? :slight_smile: Borderless + SK’s framerate limiter is better anyway.

After couple hours of game i get this error

11/20/2020 07:54:46.510: DebugHelper Symbol Search Path…:
11/20/2020 07:54:46.510: Special K Debug Symbols Loaded From.: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Special K\SpecialK64.pdb
11/20/2020 07:59:34.444:
Unhandled Top-Level Exception (c0000005):


[ FaultMod ] # File…: ‘E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Yakuza Like a Dragon\runtime\media\YakuzaLikeADragon.exe’
[ FaultMod ] * RIP Addr.: YakuzaLikeADragon.exe+000000000162A6D9h
[StackFrame] <-> Rip=00014162a6d9h, Rsp=000030e1ed50h, Rbp=7ff4e1e5a640h
[StackFrame] >-< Rsi=7ff4fb001680h, Rdi=7ff4d2770c60h
[ GP Reg ] rax: 0x7ffd52401790 rbx: 0x7ff4de2e5ae0
[ GP Reg ] rcx: 0x000000000002 rdx: 0x000000000000
[ GP Reg ] r8: 0x000000000001 r9: 0x000000000000
[ GP Reg ] r10: 0x000000000001 r11: 0x000030e1e8e0
[ GP Reg ] r12: 0x7ff4e1e5a640 r13: 0x000030e1ee50
[ GP Reg ] r14: 0x7ff4de340e10 r15: 0x000000000000
[ GP Flags ] EFlags: 0x00010202

KERNEL32.DLL > BaseThreadInitThunk

11/20/2020 07:59:34.445:
Unhandled Top-Level Exception (c0000005):