Yakuza 0 Problems

Hey guys, hoping I’m just being a bit dense here and just need to fix something on my end but all my searching has come up empty.

I have Special K 22.5.30 installed with the 0.9.8 SKIF frontend and it all appears to run happily. I launch Yakuza 0 with it and can access the the ctrl - alt - backspace menu etc. Features like the sound being minimised as it launches works. All in all, it looks as if SpecialK is running properly.

However, the main reason I installed it for Yakuza 0 was to remove the ugly depth of field effects and first person mode blurring. This is not working. I’ve tried checking and unchecking the options etc and going through SpecialK’s config but nothing seems to help.

I would upload my ini files but looks like that’s blocked for new users. I can confirm though that the DoF settings are set in them as you’d want, IE disable DoF is set to true.

Any help would be much appreciated.