Won't work w/ Apex Legends?

Has anyone gotten SpecialK to work with Apex Legends (trying to use the FPS limiter)?

I tried the following to no avail:

  • Global injection
  • Whitelisting directories
  • Creating empty files (SpecialK.dxgi & SpecialK.d3d11)
  • Copying & renaming SpecialK64.dll (Apex gives an error and won’t allow using this file)


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Wonder if Apex Legends uses some form of anti-cheat which might be why. :slight_smile:

EAC or Easy Anti Cheat whitelists signed binaries like ReShade but it would block SpecialK and BattleEye and others might be even stricter.

EDIT: Yeah it’s a EAC game.

I’m able to use RTSS to limit FPS for Apex Legends so I was hoping SpecialK would work too (and produce better results).

I think Unwinder is using signed binaries for his software though I do not know if that applies to the current ongoing beta versions. :slight_smile:

Earlier Easy Anti Cheat versions had a whitelist that mostly was per-game and needed updating plus it broke when the software was updated and if the game stopped being supported eventually EAC wouldn’t be compatible with much.

Newer builds use these signatures instead so ReShade, Afterburner and other whitelisted software is always compatible as long as it’s including this signature at least for when it comes to EAC.

Kernel level too so not a easy thing to work around, custom stuff in particular can be really problematic and with everything SpecialK does I’m not expecting it to be granted a whitelist entry.
(ReShade is still a bit iffy and several games now block or even ban users for it anyway even with it’s depth buffer check disabling when network activity is detected.)

Kaldaien mentioned something about opening up the framerate limiter and even potentially discussing with Crosire on getting it used for ReShade which would resolve a majority of these compatibility problems for utilizing just the FPS limit without the render and texture kits and other advanced overrides for why SpecialK itself is unlikely to get whitelisted.

RTSS is almost always whitelisted due to its popularity and common push by e.g. MSI as part of their Afterburner package.

Sadly Special K have yet to reach that stage, and probably will never reach it unless SK goes modular in its design, as depending on the game the shader toolkit of Special K might be used to grant a player an unfair advantage (e.g. see through fog etc).

Yeah, I figured so.

Hopefully it’ll become more popular as we all promote it!

Thanks for the replies and explanations.

Didn’t kaldaien mention that he wants to make the framerate limiting / low latency aspects of special k a stand-alone thing? That could easily help bypass the problem. I’m very curious about the new special k versions and competitive latency benefits. Feel like this might be a huge deal, because NVIDIA recently marketed a ton based on a similar latency warpath with reflex, yet something by one single man could possibly revolutionize the entire competitive / low latency gaming scene with the program.

I think getting special k whitelisted is not a hard task at all if it genuinely performs better than anything else on the market, I have many ideas on how I’ll be able to push this into the mainstream esports scene. But for now, things are being updated and changed constantly, so it’s a patience game.

+1 that would like to use SpecialK with this game.

Hopefully we see some good news in the future about this :slight_smile: