Witcher 3 GOG Resolution Upscale

My aim is to run Witcher 3 at 80% or 90% of 4K, and with HDR. Special K gives me a black screen unless a) GOG overlay is disabled and b)the game is in borderless full screen at native res. If I run at fullscreen with SpecialK, I get a black screen. I made a custom resolution in Nvidia Control Panel for 90% of 4K, however if I select it even with borderless fullscreen then SpecialK again gives me a black screen/frozen screen.

This behaviour seems to be consistent regardless of whether HDR is enabled, and HDR works fine at native res and borderless fullscreen.

So any ideas of how I can get a custom resolution to work with specialK in this game? Thanks!

Also, out of curiosity, why does Window Resolution 3840x2160 at the top of SpecialK have a 250% next to it?

  1. Sounds like an engine bug, it probably is not going to work unless you do something about 2)
  2. That means your desktop is running at 250% DPI scaling

Many games break when DPI scaling is enabled and they’re asked to run in windowed mode. This is probably one of them.

You might want to give 3200x1800 a try. It is pretty close to 4K but doesn’t require you to make a custom resolution.

Otherwise, If you absolutely must use a custom resoltuion, use CRU to create one. It should work better then nvidias custom res solution, since CRU creates a new resolution inside your monitors EDID (well, in windows’ regedit anyway)

Thank you for your responses. Seems like I royally screwed something up because I deleted the Specialk documents folder, going back to default settings, and everything works just fine now. Sorry!

Sounds more like I screwed something up in that case.

Hopefully the issue does not come back.