Widgets go haywire in Frostbite games

Pressing keys while Special K is injected into Frostbite games make the widgets turn off and on rapidly, resulting in the games being unplayable.

Games confirmed to be buggy: Battlefield 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Disabling all other overlays including Origin In-Game has no effect on the bug.

Yeah, I vaguely remember something about this from many years ago. There are not enough games using the engine that it ever got any priority. Shame Mass Effect: Andromeda was not a better game, or I would have fixed it by now :wink:

Fair enough lol. I agree there aren’t many single player Frostbite games out there and the multiplayer ones will likely result in bans (it’s EA, afterall) but that being said, it’s EA’s go-to engine for most if not all games nowadays, with the exception of Fallen Order. I wonder if the Need For Speed and Battlefield and Battlefront games games also suffer from the widgets bug. I haven’t tested Anthem or Battlefront for fear of being banned. (probably not likely but again, it’s EA and you never know)

Adding to the Frostbite pile Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has the same bug (happened to me but I thought it might have been related to the crappy interactions of the game being on Steam and opening Origin to run)