Where do I find an explanation of everything in the configuration file?

I tried looking at Configuration and Logs | Special K - The Official Wiki but it seems to be a generic explanation of things and doesn’t go in to detail on the contents of the configuration file.

At the moment I’m wondering if Allow Tearing in DWM should be enabled if I hate tearing >.>" the obvious answer would be “No, leave that disabled” of course.

From that wiki page:


A full list of supported parameters and their description can be found in the source code.

Allow Tearing should basically always be enabled. What actually controls tearing is the Presentation Interval setting, aka “V-Sync”. When set to 1 (or above), you won’t have tearing. When set to 0 you’ll have tearing.

That’s what I was thinking, just wasn’t 100% certain (I know I could’ve just tested it). Am currently messing around to try and find the best configuration for Anno 1800’s DirectX 11 mode.

If anyone can figure out and resolve the intermittent crashing in its DirectX 12 mode that’d be pretty awesome but I don’t have high hopes of that ever getting resolved (Search google for “Anno 1800 DirectX Present Error” without quotes to get results on the topic)

Leave it enabled, I’d say.

There may be some games that ship using Present Interval=0 and expect that to do something different than VSYNC Off, and for compatibility with those games you may need to turn the option off.

In any case, it only affects PresentInterval=0 cases.

It’s a core pillar of the new low-latency framerate limiter I’m working on though, and needs to be enabled for that to work.