Valid/invalid Steam API in Special K

So at the very bottom of the mod you always see the SteamAPI and if its valid right?

I’m wondering if there’s a difference between how the mod works/performs if its invalid

Reason i ask is because im having the issue where MOnster Hunter world shows an invalid one, while i own both the game and expansion on Steam. I DID however download this game long time ago to try it out, thats something i usually do with more expensive kind of games, but that version should be deleted from my PC already

Did you roll a patch back at some point? The valid/invalid check is against the SteamAPI DLL for the latest patched version of the game, manual rollbacks will often leave you with a different SteamAPI DLL version.

You’re better off disabling SteamAPI features in that game anyway.

Instructions for how to disable Steam enhancements of SK:

No just did a save file convert thing for the one that bugged out (that tool isn’t official supported)

But ok seems better if they’re off then anyway, thanks! Will do