Using Special K in combination with Reloaded II mod loader with Steam hook mod enabled and Persona 4 mod loader will trigger the ! warning and close the game

As the title says.

Using this:

Reloaded II (with Steam hook enabled)
h ttps://
Persona 4 PC Modloader
ht tps://

and Special K, it will trigger the ! error and close the game.
To make it work, I have to disable the Steam hook from Reloaded II. The game will load (Sometimes) but the Steam overlay is missing.
The version of Special K is the one posted in the community section of Persona 4.
Can you please, check this?

Here are the logs from Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\Persona 4 Golden

Thank you.
BTW, I am sorry all the crap that went down with Steam/■■■■■ :frowning:

Quit cursing! ■■■■■ this, ■■■■■ that, ■■■■■ is not allowed here :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’ve set these forums up so you can upload log files directly to the forum, and I’d like it if users started doing that. Let me make a quick adjustment to allow .zip uploads.

DONE: You can now upload that .zip file directly to the forum post, or the individual .log files, whichever you prefer. It's less of a headache for everyone if we do it this way :slight_smile:
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If I had to guess, you appear to be out of memory. The game really needs a 64-bit build :frowning:

The code in question is C#, neither the base game, nor any code that I would ever willingly touch is written in C#. So that leaves only those other 2 things you mentioned, one of them is written in C# (ick!).

The only version of the p4g modloader I could reliably get working was the initial 1.0.0 version, any version after that would crash with more than a couple mods.
Don’t know what the actual cause of the issues were with later version, just that the initial version though has worked great with SK for me, only real downside I found is you can’t have mods in subfolders.
Could try that version if you haven’t already

:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry!

Mmm, i guess we need to wait. (Though, at this rate, I don’t see many more patches in the future of this game :frowning: I am on Hotfix 02a)

Though, the game loads without the Steam Hook and works just fine. I lose the Steam overlay, but, I don’t care.

I don’t really wanna lose the mods folder option, so, yeah.

But, good to know that it works with the first release.

Man, I think I’m having the same issue. It was mostly working fine before, but now as soon as I enter the Marukyu (Rise) dungeon and try to leave, it crashes on me. Maybe disabling the Steam overlay will help. It’s ridiculous how they didn’t bother releasing the game with 64-bit support in 2020.

@Kaldaien, any thoughts on if it’s possible to make Special K use less RAM? I don’t know what else to disable without losing the mods.

No, sorry. Texture caching is already turned on, which prevents the game from loading duplicate textures. That’s the only memory saving thing that SK can do. Those other things written in C# are where all the memory is being lost.

After looking through the files myself, I can’t believe how many duplicate textures the game uses, I think it’ll be much nicer modding textures with SK.

Doubt they’ll do it, I’d also really like them to make a 64bit build

I fixed it by applying the 4gb patch to the dotnet coreclr.dll (C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App\5.0.2\coreclr.dll used by Reload II)

This isn’t recommended but it’s a working workaround.

So after having played around with this for a while, and attempting to figure out how to work around it, I eventually noticed that using the local DLL injection option of Reloaded 2 (Deploy ASI Loader option) didn’t seem to crash the game on startup for me.

After looking a bit more into it, I eventually threw the ASI Loader out of the equation entirely since SK has the same functionality, and arrived at the below SK plugin config:


Where filename is the full path of Reloaded 2’s 32-bit mod loader bootstrapper located in one of its subfolders.

This basically tells Special K to load Reloaded 2, and seems to work fine in my testing (SK installed locally as dxgi.dll in the game folder).

I don’t play this game myself though, nor know how to tell whether mods are actually loaded or not, so I would need someone else to confirm that mods are actually loaded. Based on Reloaded 2’s window that pops up, it should work though.

Well, it seems to still crash occasionally at launch, but it’s much more uncommon than it were before.

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By the way, I tested this myself and it had no bearing on the crashes for me… So one’s mileage may vary