Using Special K in a game that requires admin rights to run ReShade

I’m trying to use Special K and ReShade on Tales of Berseria.
ToB requires Windows 7 compat mode and admin rights for ReShade to run. ReShade can only run if called d3d9.dll so I can’t use local injection but the global injector doesn’t seem to work with admin rights. Even with an elevated service.
Is there any way I can get this combination to work?

E: I already tried manually toggling the service in the Special K entry of the Library and Force Stop/Start in the Monitor section. But it seems the elevated service only started when I clicked “Global” twice in the Tales of Berseria entry. Should these have all behaved the same and done the same thing?

shouldn’t require windows 7 compat mode and admin rights to run. i’ve had both tbfix and reshade working in tales of berseria without running the game as admin

also you can use local injection for all this and actually it’s basically needed - since tbfix is not integrated in newer versions of sk, so using global injection with recent versions of sk is not going to get you tbfix

i’ll make another post here later telling you how it can be setup with local injection. i don’t really have much time at the moment… but i’ll get back to you on this

sorry i kinda got lost on the path of life…

anyway, i just tested this and yeah no windows 7 compat mode or admin rights was needed for reshade

the way to set this up is simply first download reshade from their site here-

install reshade into the game folder as normal

reshade will create a d3d9.dll file in the game folder

rename that reshade d3d9.dll file to ReShade64.dll

then download and extract the content of the following zip into your steam berseria game folder at “\steamapps\common\Tales of Berseria” -

(the content of that zip is for adding a local sk/tbfix for this game)

then open up sk’s d3d9.ini, and at the top inside the d3d9.ini add the following lines-


that should have a local sk load a local reshade. it’s working just fine for me here

you’d basically only need to run this game as admin if you go in the tbfix cp menu (can open this with ctrl + shift + backspace), then go into the “sparse grid supersampling (nvidia)” section and turn that mode on there – that is for nvidia gpu users, and you’ll need to close the game and then launch it as admin to have the sgssaa setting and level applied

so you’d go into the steam game’s folder here-
\steamapps\common\Tales of Berseria

right click on the “Tales of Berseria.exe”

select properties, then go to the compatibility tab/page, then check the box for “run this program as an administrator” and hit apply and ok

then launch the game again from anywhere (from the game icon/shortcut or from the steam client etc). that’ll get the sgssaa applied

however, people just need to do run the game as admin like that once to have the sgssaa applied

after that, i suggest closing the game and unchecking the admin box in the properties of the game’s executable – since it’s no longer needed to run it as admin… and i’ve noticed that some of the colors in the game would get messed up if the game kept being launched as admin. i think that issue didn’t always happen and might have been related to a reshade compatibility too, but then again, running as admin should only be needed once to apply sgssaa if you’re using that anyway

This worked for local injection but I also managed to get it working with latest Special K + global injection once I managed to start the elevated service.

I didn’t need Win 7 compat and admin with ReShade named as ReShade64.dll but it did need it as d3d9.dll. A mystery that doesn’t need to be solved anymore :man_shrugging:


yep global sk + reshade can work too, but i didn’t really mention that here because, then again, tbfix is not integrated in newer versions of sk, so using global injection with recent versions of sk is not going to get you the tbfix/berseria game specific features if you wanted those…

also, global won’t inject sk if you’re running your game or steam as admin – unless you used the elevated service option in SKIF to elevate the global injection service yeah (though we generally don’t recommend to elevate the global service unless you basically have no other option, such as a game needing admin rights for some reason and somehow the local method wasn’t working, since running the global service as admin could allow it to inject into other/more things in your pc etc). on the other hand, local injection works with or without running steam or the game as admin. i’d stick with the local method for berseria, especially if you want the tbfix features

anyway, glad it’s working for you now