"Untlited" Project X, installation and troubleshooting

Hello there,
I followed the steam guide to install the mod, and I really like it, beside the fact that it slows down the start of every scripted scene and battle.

The only way I have to speed up the process is to quickly press ESC a couple of time.

I also put almost all the texture mods available on nexsusmods, to have a better looking game (could it be the problem?).

I play using a notebook with i7 cpu, 16gb ram, GTX 960M on Windows 10 PRO

Can someone help me?
Is it possible to use the latest SKIF and somehow be able to solve this problem?
If yes, can you give me some directions on how to do it?

Right now I’m reinstalling the game from scratch.

Hope that someone can help

I’ve never encountered any such problem. Perhaps there’s some weird input remapping software on your system? I’m inclined to blame the Steam overlay, it’s the source of a lot of weird input problems :stuck_out_tongue:

It may be at this point, i’ve seen someone else writing about this on the steam community (and i also replied there):

anyway, I’m reinstalling the game (and will make a backup this time)
i’ll still use SKIM to install the mod (or should I do the manual installation? and use the latest SKIF?)

I’ll let you know how it goes

Try setting your screen refresh rate to just 60… going higher makes the game a little weird in terms of loading time especially on FFX2 and certain areas in FFX.

i tried the latest SKIF … it does not work with the texture mods.