TW3 crashes before I can even load in

Hello forum, I recently discovered this tremendous HDR mod has the potential to embellish TW3 so I tried it out. I followed the instructions to a T with the latest version of it, got the SKIF utility running, configured some random HDR setting just too see how they’d look, and restarted the game as it said I’d need to. Upon loading into the game after this, as soon as it’s about to transition from the story checkpoint talking to loading the actual game, it crashes with some odd “beep”. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything but the story’s the same. With Special K disabled, everything works just fine.

I did take a look at the log files under the crash report and unless the crash didn’t apply to my issues ( although I’m sure it did), I did read a crash report titled “Exception_Access_Violation”. If anyone, or the man himself, can help me find a solution to get this running, I’d really appreciate it!

If you’re not using the 0.11.1 build which is not published yet, then deactivate the 11-bit remastered option.

Hey, you know what, that worked! Very helpful forum here…I appreciate you.