Transformers Devastation framerate unlock?

Hi this is my very first post!

I tried the steps i found in the Pcgamewiki to unlock the refreshrate of my monitor
a 1080p 144hz gsync monitor but it doenst seem to work.
It involves in using SpecialK and change a simple line.
But how many times i try the game is stuck at 60fps despite SpecialK menu is showing up in the game.

i realy would love to play this game in 144hz so if anyone can check this why it doenst work.
Please reply to this thread!

Thank you very very much in advance!

Refresh rate doesn’t always equal the frame rate.

In this case the PCGW section you link to refers to running the game at the refresh rate of your monitor (e.g. 144 Hz) – thereby allowing VRR to kick in properly at 60 FPS and sync up without any additional screen tearing.

Otherwise the game would request a 60 Hz refresh rate, which would set G-Sync’s upper limit to 60 Hz, and so you’d either experience screen tearing (V-Sync Off), or additional input latency (V-Sync On) as vertical synchronization occurred instead of proper VRR.

So in this case there doesn’t seem to be an issue – you’re just misunderstanding what that section is fixing. It seemingly isn’t about running the game at higher frame rates than 60 FPS.

To further clarify – that section pertains entirely to the VRR range (Variable Refresh Rate range) being used by G-Sync (and possibly FreeSync, I guess) while playing the game.

Without Special K, the game requests a 60 Hz refresh rate, which typically controls the upper limit of the active VRR range and where V-Sync is supposed to kick in. For most games Nvidia’s drivers should override the requested refresh rate with the highest available of the monitor (e.g. 144 Hz) – which is controlled by the Preferred Refresh Rate setting in Nvidia’s control panel.

In some games, however, Nvidia’s override doesn’t work properly, and so instead of the VRR range being the full range of the monitor (0-144 Hz for example), it’s capped to the refresh rate requested by the game (in this case 0-60 Hz). Using Special K to override what refresh rate the game requests then allows solving that issue, and instead of 60 Hz being the upper limit of the VRR range, it can become 144 Hz (or whatever is the highest supported refresh rate by the monitor).

Edit: I’ve rephrased the section on PCGW.