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It’s actually so annoying having to work around this so I’m happy Steam is handling this now.
We had to use DualShocks to have more than 4 people play a game recently, good thing that particular game had native support for them.

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Yeah after Valve tried I think it’s three times now having to revert their way of supporting this it’s probably a very good way to resolve and guarantee support and functionality for this going forward. :slight_smile:

Direct Input while legacy still seems like it has numerous advantages it’s just that it’s less supported but X Input is more about the XBox Gamepad and what Microsoft wants and unless they were to update it directly I suppose having Valve possibly route the input through Steam instead is a better workaround.

That and I presume it works similar to the staged or tiered way DirectX is set up so you have games on XInput 1.3 to 1.4 to the older 9.3 something version before these and if this works through that little compatibility nightmare that’s a good extra too.

Think Kaldaien had some plans at some point around SpecialK and 1.4 XInput uplifting due to issues in 1.3 and earlier and how this was around for Windows 7 legacy support or a number of ways to route input API usage that could be improved and resolve some additional issues but I don’t think it’s part of the current versions yet.

Also entirely unsure on how this solution on Steam now plays with SpecialK and Steam and Steam features enabled and gamepad support, Kaldaien might have to look into that at some future point if there’s anything going on with that or it could just be a non issue and work as expected without further issues.

Getting pretty robust with all that Steam’s input API is offering now and support for PS5, X Series and a good number of other controllers from the Steam ones to Switch to any number of other devices so that seems like a pretty good thing.
(Though I am not tech savvy enough to say anything about the actual underlying API itself or how that would work or how one would work with or through it for third party software like SpecialK.)

EDIT: That must be it.


Steam XBox Utility Driver.

And drivers.exe as a 7-zip.

Pop that open extract it something like this.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\drivers\drivers\Windows10\x64

“Steam Xbox Controller Enhanced Features Driver”

Bunch of INF and SYS driver files there, probably nothing too useful but that seems to be how it works. :slight_smile:

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They did, they tried so hard but they had to give in to a driver.

Yeah it might be a annoying to work around it but damn have they saved me a lot of hassle with it!

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For the last year and a half if not longer, Epic have moved Fortnite more and more into the direction of an entire platform where users can express themselves in various ways.

Nowadays kids grow up learning to create their own custom “maps” in Fortnite’s Creative mode, and they play other users’ custom maps as we did Flash games in the early 2000s. Basically the longevity of Fortnite is, for the moment, faaar away into the future as long as they manage to hook players enough through various alternative ways and modes.

Should i use waitable swapchain with gsync/VRR, i think i remember reading somewhere here that waitable swapchains didn’t work well with G-SYNC, and VRR.

I believe that limitation only applies to older versions of Special K. Latest versions that has DirectX 12 support (e.g. from the below thread), should work just fine with Waitable Swapchains.

D3D12 Missing Features

It’s at least how I play on my G-Sync monitor – with Waitable Swapchains enabled.

These are my general go-to configuration in most games (though some might not work properly with 4 buffers):

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Shouldn’t it be 2 back buffers?

How do you mean? I’m running 4 back buffers, which is also the number that some games might not function properly with, so the quoted sentence of mine is correct.

As to whether one should use 2 or 4 back buffers with G-Sync, it doesn’t really matter as Special K will always display the latest rendered frame. Using 4 (or I guess 3) allows the game to render unrestricted at will in any available back buffer, basically.

No the sentence is correct, I just wanted to anchor my question to something that you said.

Will it display the newest frame regardless if the framerate limiter is on?
Because I see the option under the advanced framerate limiter options after turning it on.

At the bottom of the below wiki page Kaldaien have written that SK is configured to drop old frames by default. I assume that might be even when not using the FPS limiter, though I never run such config myself so I’m not sure.

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Think the latest default values Kaldaien uses is 6 for both but I am not sure as to why, back buffers at 4 or 5 with the other one minus one was the ideal I assumed if flip discard was supported.
(4 being good for 60Hz and up to 120Hz or something 5 basically being unlimited I have some re-reading to do about how that explanation went again and the idea behind it, keep forgetting some of these things.)

Guess some of the low latency modes (Need to read up about these four or so values.) and the other changes to WDDM and flip model with DXGI and D3D11/D3D12 SpecialK changes and updates in these later versions could make for where even higher values are good long as you have the additional memory for the back buffers.

EDIT: Some of the files here and there for various games or what not with a .ini file in it Valhalla, Cyberpunk and such.

Exception being Horizon Zero Dawn and non-D3D11 titles and a few others that won’t work above a set value that’s usually “3” in SpecialK otherwise it crashes on start.
(Well D3D9 would be even lower “1” I think but then most of these DXGI and D3D11 specific options don’t apply anyway.)

EDIT: Usually try to check against the source code for added options and the various values especially the commentary is really helpful but sometimes it’s also like reading ancient arcane writing ha ha.

NVIDIA 461.09


GeForce forum topic.

Additional security updates in this driver.

Fixed issues:

Known issues:

Epic Games acquires RAD Game Tools.
(Quite a few tools even if the more common tend to be the video SMACKER and BINK ones.)

Pretty major acquisition, think they were also working on a compression and decompression mode (EDIT: Oodle) which I assume might be integrated into Unreal Engine now if it’s as good as it seemed like.

Noice! I’ll probably update to that drive then and maybe it’ll improve the performance in Cyberpunk a bit.

ProShop got a few stock in for NVIDIA and AMD earlier today, most of it’s sold out but the pricing is ridiculous.
Short of the reference 6000’s AMD and Founders 3000’s NVIDIA I suppose that’s nothing new though.
(While basically unavailable it’s interesting that these prices still hold up whereas the customs are way higher priced.)

6900 XT Asus for over 1400 Euro and the 6800 XT Asus for 1100
3080’s around a 1100 too and the 3070’s a bit over 900 these are customs though not reference.

At those prices it’s kinda impossible to recommend anything from AMD over the NVIDIA cards plus the software and features as well, not sure how that’s planned to work out once availability gets better as it’s kinda a easy decision for consumers ha ha.

These small batches selling out instantly also complicate things, total of 17 6800’s and even fewer 6900’s likely going to be sold out shortly.

3070’s coming in almost weekly now for NVIDIA and availability for their cards but also in lower quantities, 3080’s are so popular it’s almost impossible to find anything stocked.
(NVIDIA also has a more robust schedule for when it’s being stocked AMD’s more like whenever and no real date or info at all suddenly there’s just some availability of some cards from some vendor ha ha.)

EDIT: As to the driver yeah I think NVIDIA’s starting to resolve some of the issues from the 360.xx branch drivers and perhaps a bit earlier for Pascal, Turing and the ongoing Ampere fixes and resolving what NVIDIA can do on their end in regards to stuff like HDMI 2.1 and firmware or hardware issues for TV, Audio Receivers and the like.

Not sure about AMD from what I hear the “Oh noes” feature driver that will hopefully not be a repeat of last years months of fixing should be planned for March sometime.

And then for hardware the Navi21-H could be whatever and NVIDIA should be revealing the 3080 Super or Ti or both whatever it’ll be later this month if those rumors are accurate. :slight_smile:

3080S 20 GB and 3080Ti 20 GB plus faster I would think, definite performance lead over the 6800 and 6900 from AMD here plus ray tracing advantage and the other features DLSS, CUDA and all that.

EDIT: Looks like Komplett got a batch of GPU’s in yesterday as well, 40 from what I’m reading.
Guessing it’s the same so another Asus batch then, Sapphire as the next one coming in January 16th.

Better priced too but still a bit of a extra making it tougher to recommend as a serious alternative compared to the 3070’s or 3080’s even though it’s at least closer to price matched against the 3080’s now.

Good — maybe we’ll see prospective users get a 3080 so that when the 3080 Ti arrives I have fewer to compete :laughing:

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Yeah pricing situation aside I am hoping the incoming shipments are going to mean more frequent restocking and over time once the outstanding pre-orders are filled availability can slowly return to expected levels. :slight_smile:

Bigger countries and European retailers like Mind Factory going by some of the comments I’ve been reading through are also getting better stock now though the situation with demand is still as extreme as usual so it’s very difficult to find the higher-end 5900’s CPU’s and 3080 GPU’s in any larger quantities.

3080 S 20 GB and the 3080 Ti (20 GB I presume.) are going to be really interesting to see or at least how the 3080 Ti performs but hopefully the initial batches will be plentiful or at least good for what is the better binned Ampere GPU chips for the Ti variant and the GDDR6X memory module availability.

Don’t know when things are going to clear up but I am hoping around March - April although initial availability of these cards will probably be February if NVIDIA’s unveiling them in January ready for sale soon after or that’s what I would expect both competing out AMD’s current high-end offering and readying the 3060 12 GB and maybe the 3050 for AMD’s planned March release of the 6700 to compete with the mid-range segment or have hardware out before AMD gets theirs launched.

We’ll see I guess, overall the pricing and availability is going to be a bit of a mess and with AMD’s customs coming in at a higher price bracket and reference GPU’s dwindling down in availability after Q1 2021 I think it was now with it being extended once already it’s going to be tough for them against NVIDIA.

Meanwhile if NVIDIA can fill out the high-end and mid-range segments and improve shipments and availability they’re going to be doing really well or technically they already are with demand for the 3070 and 3080 even the 3090 meaning these sell out quickly world-wide.
(And in what appears to be larger quantities than AMD can stock for their cards.)

Read that even the compute cards and workstation hardware is in high demand the big Ampere 100 or A100 for bigger organizations and such.

By the time i get my 3080 TUF non-OC from komplett, the 4xxx series would be out lol, doesn’t really help either that crypto-miners are buying them all up now before they even leave the distributor.

Yeah the 3080 popularity and the existing back orders to be filled is massive, think it’s a few thousand units for the 6000 series but there’s several thousand orders for the 3000 series though not all stores publish data for that so you have Scan, ProShop and a few others running monthly status updates and how tough it’s been to get shipments of the higher end cards until recently.

And more leaks.

Much of it’s known since before but there’s a few new ones like Koei doing another Musou (“Warriors”) game…of Pokemon which yeah that’s going to be interesting to see if that’s accurate.

Also going to be a bit weird considering the type of games these are having a few thousand no-name fodder trainers throwing no-name pokemon out it’s not usually how that works far as I know at least.

Not sure what a Mario multi-platform project would be either, I can’t see their mascot character leaving the Nintendo platform and if it’s not mobile well we’ll see how these pan out I guess.

Also Half-Life 3 and Vr and non Vr plus Alyx non Vr which I can see that happening just to have a update out for the game for all who’ve wanted to play it non-Vr even if it removes the uniqueness of the experience.

HL3 though itself well there’s been a couple of attempts and Valve usually puts it on hold so I am not so certain this time will be different if these leaks are accurate beyond existing info and leaked documents and confirmations for several of these other projects.
(Still no release dates or anything either even for longer developed titles that should be God of War and Bloodborne at least.)

We’ll see, could turn out several of these end up not happening or it’s incorrect as I would also expect corporations to intentionally have misinformation or rumors making it easy to track what leaks from where and short of database leakages there’s no real confirmation on what’s accurate and what’s not plus exclusivity agreements and such that could also delay PC or other console platform ports up to a year or more.
(Monster Hunter Rise and Switch for a current example.)

EDIT: Huh Ultimate Muscle is a Gamecube game, interesting.

Hello 1990’s again and it’s way of marketing.


Well that’s just perfect, should get into it but trying to wait for the first major patch first ha ha.

ReShade 4.9.1 is out fixing a few things after 4.9.0 and a couple of other improvements. :slight_smile:

This fix in particular is going to be really useful for anyone who used ReShade and wondered why the display driver might have been restarted or crashed along with the game for some D3D12 titles such as Cyberpunk 2077