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Ya, if you managed to find one. It seems most retailers didn’t have much if any stock. I know B&H released a statement saying that had nothing and no word on when they’d even get any. It was so bad they weren’t taking any orders or pre-orders for any RX 6000 cards. Most of retailers seem to be in the same state. As it stands, it seems like only the only US retailer that had any number of stock, and we have no clue how much, was Newegg. It looks like that OCUK article might have been right on the money. This is basically a Paper Launch with how little stock there seems to have been.

What I think happened was that the Consoles combined with the Ryzen 5000 series ate up all the fab time AMD had with TSMC. I think it was probably a conscious choice on AMD’s part. For one, they probably had obligations to Sony and Microsoft on the number of units they needed to provide, so that would take the highest priority, and they would most likely want to push the advantage they seem to have over Intel atm. On the flip side, now that the benchmarks are out, while the RX 6000 series is about on par with the 3080, it is just that par, but that only applies to Rasterization support. Ray Tracing is, as most expected, severely lacking compared to the 30 series. So, they could afford to sacrifice some of the units from the GPUs to meet their other obligations and trying to meet as much of the demand they’d have in the CPU market as they possibly could.

50x 6800’s from Asus was the most I could see in stock, sold out within 3 - 5 minutes rest seems to have been minimal or nothing just product listings but there was never any stock for most of them or a extremely small stock that went immediately.

Big pages on some websites too on how this is the one and only shipment of stock / OEM 6800’s and 6800 XT’s expected to come in and availability will be November 25th with the various third party designs instead but I expect very limited quantities.

EDIT: As for the driver 20.11.2 adds a bunch of new properties likely for the boost / rage mode for the 6000 series and there’s a AMD USB LED component and USB driver as part of the software package and drivers now.

Some older media related files were removed and a few new files added and profile wise there’s a few smaller things now that Crossfire isn’t a thing so Cyberpunk 2077, Godfall, Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Bards Tale Remastered & Resnarkled.

The usual old bugs too but it looks like AMD finally got the rest of the 32-bit legacy settings out and so that part of the Radeon Settings is no more though it still uses a permanent 3 - 5% CPU when left running in the background.

New memory property for the Wattman profile too possibly GDDR6 voltage related for RDNA2 perhaps not entirely sure but it’s there doing something.

EDIT: Now then what more can happen, well next up the 6900XT, custom 6800’s and 6800XT’s and possibly the 3060 from NVIDIA maybe also that Ti rumored GPU at some point or at least early info for 2021’s first few months would be nice. :slight_smile:

I nearly have ImGui functional in D3D12 :slight_smile:

But I’m having my doubts that HDR overrides for D3D12 games are even possible, considering how much the engines micromanage all of their assets and know exactly what format every rendertarget is supposed to be.

This is why I haven’t been all that eager to modify D3D12, it’s too rigid :-\



You mean the earlier joke about “nag 'em till it works!” actually… ugh… worked? :laughing:

Besides that though, I believe most of us are fine with merely SK’s “basic” (lol) features working in D3D12.

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Not seeing the framerate counter can be relaxing ha ha.

Going to be nice to have initial UI support for D3D12 and however much of SpecialK’s features can then carry over. :slight_smile:

Well, the thing that pushed me over the edge …

CEGUI has got to go, it’s outlived its usefulness and I need to just go full steam ahead with the render APIs CEGUI does not support and re-write the stuff that used to rely on CEGUI. I didn’t think new games were still released using CEGUI, lol.


It’d be nice to have a relatively unobtrusive overlay in FFXIV again. CEGUI has never worked in it (something to do with Folder permissions, and Running as admin like SpecialK suggests never worked). The Widgets were just too bulky and distracting to be a viable alternative. Kind of sucks since the only way to see FPS in game, officially, is by having the settings window open. Which is even worse than having the SpecialK’s Frame Pacing widget visible. Not to mention it gets closed whenever you enter combat or whenever you interact with just about anything outside the settings window.

Uh, CEGUI doesn’t have any widgets :slight_smile:

The only things that CEGUI handles are the text OSD and achievement popups.

Uhh… not to be the idiot here, but…

can someone provide a kinda in-depth explanation of what CEGUI is?

I was talking about the things like the Frame Pacing widget, those worked since I assume they are lmgui like the Control Panel. I assume if you are trying to get rid of CEGUI that the OSD would be rendered by lmgui instead, which means it would work with FFXIV, where CEGUI doesn’t (hence no OSD for an FPS overlay).

On a wiki related note, I really like the tabs available in Wiki.js. I think they’re going to be effective ways of either documenting optional methods, obsolete information, or just more technical/advance methods not recommended or of interest for the regular user.

The third party component in addition to (Dear)ImGUI which I thought only handled the Steam achievements as Kaldaien could set up a few additional features over using ImGUI for it initially.

From…years back so my memory on this is not the best but you have little sound cues and extras from this library. :slight_smile:

It’s an ancient relic from 20 years ago that’s used in some indie games as a UI. It had some good ideas, but it’s a dead project.

CEGUI aka ‘Crazy Eddie’s GUI’ is the user interface (UI) library used by Special K to draw the yellow on-screen display (OSD) text, the custom Steam achievement popups, and the SK console prompt.

Historically it have had multiple compatibility issues over the years and have probably helped bloat the file size of the SK DLL files as well as I believe it’s technically embedded within the DLL files.

ImGui, or “Dear ImGui” as it’s more officially known as, is the other UI library used by Special K to provide various features. ImGui is the library responsible for the SK control panel, widgets, graphs, and even used to build the UI in SKIF and all arounds have a much higher compatibility than CEGUI.

CEGUI’s inclusion in SK have sorta been on the deathbed for a few years now, so its eventual removal was expected.

Edit: While CEGUI isn’t really used anywhere, ImGui is the complete opposite. It’s the UI library used by ReShade and various other mods (I believe various SilentPatch for some games makes use of it as well), and it has a long history of being used in commercial projects etc. The debug/development mode of… I believe it was The Surge 2, for example, made heavily use of ImGui as well.

To cite the GitHub repository:

SKIF is also built using an experimental fork of ImGui :slight_smile: It’s a programmer’s dream come true for building UIs, really… No stupid graphical tools used to build the UIs, you just write code and magic happens :sunglasses:

Speaking of The Surge 2, I’m jealous of their microprofiler. I totally want that built-in to Special K :slight_smile: Nobody but me would ever use it, but man would that be awesome.

Somebody tell AMD to stop… they’re making AMD look bad :slight_smile:

Is the 6800 the market equivalent of the 5700? I don’t even know the prices on these things, I just know I want the 6900 when it goes up for pre-order.

I keep wanting to redistribute my investments and put more into AMD, but like, their stock, it never decreases… there’s never a good time to get a lot of AMD stock :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said, it may look promising, but so far we have only advertising materials, and The Radeon Group hasn’t had a great history in that front.

Anyways, is ImGUI replacing CEGUI, or is there something else in the dev pipeline?

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I think I just hit the first noticeable limitation of Wiki.js: it doesn’t seem to support sortable lists.

ImGui is basically going to, for the most part, replace CEGUI. Probably not for Steam achievements, I can imagine, but everything else should hopefully be doable in ImGui as well.

Yeah for now I think so, pretty much yep.

The 6700 would be the direct replacement as it almost matches the specs entirely but now using RDNA2 though the price overall has gone up so the MSRP’s probably going to be a bit over what the 5700’s was let’s see what is it for the current 6000 series lineup…

999$ for the 6900XT
650$ for the 6800XT
580$ for the 6800

MSRP for the 5700XT was 400 and then 350 for the 5700 making them around a 100$ cheaper than the 2070S at 500$

Possibly 450$ - 500$ then for the 6700 though it could try the same aggressive pricing that the 5700 positioned itself in but I expect it will be a bit higher than that.

And since that’s not out yet then going with what’s available yep the 6800XT’s the flagship product now same as the 5700XT was last year although there were rumors of a larger RDNA1 GPU for a while and for the 6900XT’s it’s more like a enthusiast product.

Finally moved everything over to the full tower 750d case, that took around five hours :yawning_face:
17 percent improvement in CPU temp, 3 percent in GPU (along with slightly better boost clock).

Anyways, lets sort out that logo