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Sure hope this is a good case, just ordered it as i seriously need space for more drives

I’m not looking forward to the work of moving everything over to a new case though :yawning_face:

Corsair Obsidian is said to be pretty good, had to use a Cooler Master myself due to limited availability of full tower chassis in stock back then but I’ve heard good things about them. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Though I don’t think “All” is a good answer for how many fans and for optimal airflow and circulation but it’s probably not the stock setup either. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Also it’d be nice to see a return to the age of copper for some of these designs speaking of cooling and thermals.

Higher-end motherboards are already 300 - 500 US Dollars if not more sticking a dinky tiny plastic fan and some tiny metal heat spreader on the chipset and such you’d think they could do better.

Think you need the 600 - 900 US Dollar boards for AMD’s X500 motherboards to get silent cooling because double the price for a few extras and leading some heat pipes around the chipset is definitively a 2x price bump.

Eh would probably be even more if the designs ever returned to the Intel 30 and 40 series days of bolting that much copper on plus the happy bright colorful all the colors paint job. :smiley:

Hmm, airflow in my current case is pretty weak right now as well, another reason to change cases. The front intake fans are blocked by all the drives i’m using.

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Yep, ambient temps, airflow and the occasional pet and needing some more frequent compressed air appliances to de-dust and de-fur the fans and everything ha ha.

It runs at 30fps outside of battles and 15fps in battles (not sure if it changes anywhere else, that’s just what I know for sure) and game speed is tied to framerate, so I’d have to keep changing the fps going in and out of battles, etc if I wanted the original speed.
Toggling sleepless would let it run at the original speed when off and when on speeds up to match SK’s Frame Limit or the refresh rate, I was thinking of having the FPS macro too to set the speed

Didn’t know if the game was 32-bit or 64-bit, so here’s both…

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB) SpecialK32.7z (6.3 MB)

I added command console variables for:

  • Render.FrameRate.SleeplessRenderThread
  • Render.FrameRate.SleeplessWindowThread

Just tried it and it worked great, thanks. Wasn’t expecting it to be added so soon.
It was 32bit btw but thank you for posting both.

If anyone else wants it, only tried Final Fantasy 4 but should be the same for FF3 and FF4: After Years
F1 = 1x Overworld & 2x Battle, F2 = 2x Overworld & 4x Battle, F3 = Revert to normal speed

F1=Render.FrameRate.SleeplessWindowThread true
F2=Render.FrameRate.SleeplessWindowThread true
F3=Render.FrameRate.SleeplessWindowThread false

F1=TargetFPS 30
F2=TargetFPS 60

What “Render.FrameRate.SleeplessWindowThread” this does exactly ?

Note that these are just commands hooked up to the “Sleepless render thread” and “Sleepless window thread” options of the in-game control panel of Special K.

What they do is prevent those specific threads (the ones responsible for rendering and the window of the game itself) from sleeping.

A nice side effect of preventing those from sleeping is that in some games it also uncaps the frame rate of the game, as those games relied on sleeping to cap the FPS.

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And I think this is what avoids timing or other limiter issues possibly also mitigating stuttering when poorly implemented sleep functionality is implemented, Silent has a few blogs and a couple of fan patches for that which you can also override with SpecialK and use it’s framerate limiter instead. :slight_smile:

The render one if I’m not mixing the two up again can however cause the official version of ReShade to hang on start if hooked up, think the latest few commits have made the hook functionality a bit more robust there but it’s probably entirely separate from the ReShade issue or it’s issue from a third party component like what ImGUI is to SpecialK. :slight_smile:
(Kaldaien mentioned it probably at some point in this topic as well but I have a tendency to often forget these details.)

EDIT: These.

Ties into this as well.

Does anyone know of an AI that automatically recreates characters from an image? I have the right font, but intend to recreate the font textures from N:A in a higher resolution. I don’t mind doing it by hand, but if there’s a convenient way forward, i’d rather be aware.

I was guessing right the main behavior, but didn’t know that about the frame uncap in certain instances.

This is a good article of him about this:

Have you tried Waifu2x? It works well for logos, so it could work well for text.


Us both being members of the PCGW Discord server are valuable for these sorts of occasional times where SK or one of its features becomes the topic of discussion.

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Yeah what Aemony said, FF4 (and I’m assuming FF3 and FF4 After Years) seem to sleep to cap to 30fps overworld/15fps in battles, enabling Sleepless Window Thread stops that and makes the game run “uncapped” (Not sure if actually capped to refresh rate or 60fps, only have 60hz monitor)

Those macros enable that option and sets a framecap to run at a certain speed, F1 caps at 30fps, so the overworld is still normal speed, but battles will run twice as fast, F2 caps at 60fps, so it’s 2x overworld speed and 4x battle speed, which is good for grinding and similar to how later FF game ports have speed up modifiers

Hype is real

Got this GPU
Couldn´t wait for 3060ti as prices in my country(Argentina) are extremely volatile. So you gotta take
a leap as soon as you got some money lol

Tried different upscaling methods, of which none looked good. It’s an alpha texture as well, so there’s artifacts on the edges of text when upscaling.

can anyone explain to me how to use framerate limiter to actualy iron out stuttering?

It can vary on a per game basis. I believe the most common way to get good frame-pacing is to run games in borderless mode, and enable flip model in the SK window, then restart the game. Don’t expect this method to work for every game though.

yeah K has already told me that, but what I was wondering how Backbuffer and additional options work in FrameRate Limiter window and Flip presentation, what to adjust?

How to increase render latency? Is there a full guide on how to actually use Special K, in wiki there are just descriptions of functions, but no actual values to achieve results.