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If AC Valhalla was Dx11, i’d totally be disabling that TAA to claw back some performance, and clarity :eyes: (i dropped the game within an hour anyway so i’m not fussed)

Watch Dogs Legion requires TAA enabled for some effects at certain settings (Subsurface Scattering and Reflections) - i want to see if i can get away with TAA disabled without hurting those effects, though the game’s TAA (or at least reconstruction technique) is appropriate.

I’d argue it’s worth setting up a page for mods. A place where users can share their D3D11_Shaders configurations, and their custom game skins. Imo i improved Shadow Of War be deleting those capes, and then there’s games where performance improves by disabling certain shaders. You can disable at least some shadows in N:A for potentially improved performance, it’s the sort of thing LowSpecGamer would obsess over.

And then of course you have HUDless screenshots. I’m working on that shader debugging guide still, just don’t know when i’ll finish it.

Blue Reflection is not the best example case heh.
Toggles are really handy though even if I mostly use it for various UI elements and of course ocular invasive effects (Or what to call them. ~ ) like chromatic aberration and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Real handy for other cinematic and film-like shaders too like vignette or why do the screen edges emit pure darkness. :smiley:

And for a quick haircut when there’s something that isn’t going to look too funny underneath the alpha transparent planes and dithered strands of hair and aliased effects and mess of physics going on. :slight_smile:

EDIT: This effect could be good but separating each individual color channel across the entire screen is probably not the way to do it.

Thankfully Lords of the Fallen and a few others eventually implemented toggles for it because that just hurts the eyes to look at long term and in motion.

EDIT: Shader tweaking for D3D12 would be real nifty.
Really cooking then, soup apparently far as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s concerned but it’s something.

Also there’s DF, those guys love analysing games, and what better way to do so than SK - where you can view games in wireframe mode and see what’s happening behind objects etc. There’s also Live Shader View. Please tell me you mentioned the shader debugging system to DF…

WTF is up with NVIDIA’s documentation for NV_HDR_CAPABILITIES_V2?

        NvU32 supports_backlight_control  : 2;                //!< This is set when sink is using lowlatency interface and can control its backlight.
        NvU32 backlt_min_luma             : 2;                //!< It is the level for Backlt min luminance value.
        NvU32 interface_supported_by_sink : 2;                //!< Indicates the interface (standard or low latency) supported by the sink.
        NvU32 supports_10b_12b_444        : 2;                //!< It is set when interface supported is low latency, it tells whether it supports 10 bit or 12 bit RGB 4:4:4 or YCbCr 4:4:4 or both.

I have absolutely no idea what any of that has to do with latency, and I think the person who wrote this does not even speak English. Now I have to go dig through HDMI / DisplayPort docs to figure out WTF that really means :slight_smile:

OH! “Low Latency Metadata” means DolbyVision. That would have taken forever to figure out.

@Kaldaien any room for more improvement with valhalla?

NVIDIA sucks at drawing overlays in HDR, lol.

People in the YouTube comments for SK’s DF video are all eagerly awaiting the day SDR -> HDR becomes an NVIDIA driver feature, meanwhile I’m waiting for NVIDIA to simply draw an overlay that can be seen in HDR :stuck_out_tongue:

The method they use for drawing their overlay is not the same as RTSS, uPlay, Steam… so I cannot control its luminance / fix it for NVIDIA. NV has to come to their senses and figure out a solution on their own.

Eh… I have mixed feelings on SaaS as a whole. I can appreciate it on some server-side applications such as the cloud file services given all kinds of flavours and skins. For instance, a general cloud server setup I can easily recommend is Linode. In that regard, I do not hold the same level of spite and cynicism of server-side SaaS that I am seeing from certain tech professionals on YouTube.

However, I do not have nice things to say about client-side subscription-locked applications, and Adobe is a prime suspect of this. “Industry standard” or not, the longer they keep that crap up, the more they will alienate the newer devs and artists. Speaking of which, oh god is the 3D rendering landscape a nightmare; outside of Blender and a few plugins for it, everything is subscription based, and I hate that so much as an amateur 3D artist.

Nope. I just gave them toys to play with and figured … they’re DF, they’ll find all sorts of interesting things :slight_smile: I suspect when the framerate limiter finally gets more advanced validation testing it will be time to do an expose on other Special K features. Though honestly, I’m just happy if I can spread some of the features I have built into other commonly used applications.

It does not have to be Special K that gets the attention, just a little bit more recognition to the point where I can announce standalone open source libraries for other developers to use and it doesn’t fly completely under the radar (cause that really sucks).

If they fiddle around with Special K enough, “maybe” they’ll bump into the shader stuff. I don’t know anyone besides myself around two to three years later, who’s rather familiar with the Render Mods Toolkit. And as of now, DF have been super busy with the next gen consoles, and lots of new releases in general which has clouded their time with SK. SK’s shader debugging is a hidden gem for them and i’m more than 90% sure they won’t find or understand it unless someone directs them.

It is up to you if you want them to know about it, but i know it would be perfect for their videogame tech reviews.

I think Alex is quite capable of understanding it, just not finding it :slight_smile:

I’m shying away from promoting Special K as a game analysis tool until I get D3D12 support built up. Special K’s time to shine passed a few years ago in my opinion. The graphics debugger is pretty impressive, but it only understands D3D11 and to a limited extent D3D9. All the big games that warrant analysis these days are D3D12 or Vulkan and I have zero to offer there :-\

I doubt I’ll be building the same level of advanced graphics debugger for D3D12, but at the very least I can extend Special K’s HDR retrofit and analysis to cover D3D11 and D3D12 and keep that part of the code modern.

I’m not entirely opposed to Software as a Service. When that service does not come with a 1 year commitment and bundle a whole bunch of products you do not need in order to inflate the price.

Microsoft offers me a monthly license for Visio (diagramming software) for $5.00, and that’s actually a really good deal. When SaaS works, it saves consumers money and earns the developer/publisher revenue on a product they probably would not otherwise sell.

Microsoft does it right, Adobe … I don’t know WTF they’re smoking, but I sure hope DaVinci Resolve with its one-time license puts them in their place.

^^^ And I say this as someone who holds a substantial amount of stock in Adobe, lol.

The use cases are definitely getting more and more limited because of D3D12, but they do tend to revisit some older games, particularly for their retro videos.

Ugh, don’t remind me of the fact that i’m still paying Adobe monthly :sleepy:

What makes it really bad to me, is that you’re stuck paying for a year (or was it two?) for every time you renew your subscription. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done a full contract’s worth already… They make you pay a big fee if you want to cancel your contract early.

It sucks that Adobe software is as good as it is, besides those crashes.

lol, some day I have to give a seminar and open it with this slide:

DirectX 12 3D game development combat(Chinese Edition)

I prefer my game development conflict free, thank you very much China.

Besides those times that it doesn’t work, it’s great software… :slight_smile: That should be my slogan.

@Kaldaien There is a weird perfomance bug in valhalla I got 30fps in england and thought it was pretty bad.
Then I set fullscreen and back to borderless a couple of times and looks and this lol…

First crash in valhalla

crash.log (51,9 KB)

I should probably point out … crash logs in Ubisoft games are pointless. Their anti-debug makes everything look as though Audiokinetic’s Wwise middleware is to blame.

I believe I looked into it a few years ago and also concluded that the subtitles was tied to the shader as well — disabling it disabled the subs.

Ended up scrapping my own attempts as well. :expressionless: