Testing windows new feature Auto HDR

So far it seems to be working, more or less, recording 3 random videos from stalker https://youtu.be/yI9bcFuBjiU control in dx12 launched without problem https://youtu.be/z5jpqLDLqmc and some other sdr game too https://youtu.be/h72dkBX9fvA. Seems kinda amazing they managed to implement it, I am curious if Ghostrunner will run as special k couldnt convert this game into hdr. What do you think guys anyone testing the insider preview build too?

ghostrunner doesnt work either I mean video recorded in HDR is washed out although looks good in game https://youtu.be/fjPpDzn5TKE

gta v https://youtu.be/7tW_9UL4fOM and star citizen both didnt work on special k https://youtu.be/ayZ3fXtjYVU

Been playing Skyrim Special Edition in Auto HDR after getting around the nasty NVMe driver bug in this preview and last week’s. Trying the splitscreen registry patch the effect seems somewhat subtle however it’s only a DisplayHDR 400 panel.

I entered a Feedback Hub report regarding Auto HDR after Skyrim Special Edition ran at only 30fps in borderless window mode instead of 60fps.

I wish I could test it, but there’s a known issue with certain NVMe drives and I get a BSOD shortly after logging in.

I got around that NVMe bug by installing OEM drivers prior to upgrading.

The issue is stornvme.sys has a bug that causes the drive to freeze. The WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR code is the result of it triggering detection of a hardware fault within the PCI interface, causing the system to bugcheck. The driver I use is a Phision branded driver package, based on the Open Fabrics Alliance NVM Express driver version 1.5, which they simply got a WHQL signature on the reference binary and packaged in their own .inf file.

It’s entirely possible the NVMe bug was just passed off as an “oops” so that nobody would be tipped off they were adding a new DirectX 12 Ultimate feature called DirectStorage, as this branch of Windows Insider Preview has now become Windows 11.