Tales of Vesperia DE crashes on startup

I’m not super game crash fix savvy especially when it comes to mods like these but I did try a few of the options over on the wiki and so far, to the best of my ability…the game alas still crashes on startup. My very first initial fixes were to see if it was the game itself so I uninstalled the game then reinstalled it on a different drive, started up the game (which worked fine to the save selection screen, i decided to not go any further). Afterwards i installed the special k mod from the steam thread that is still hanging around that I had initially gotten the mod from back when i first started playing ToV DE back in like 2019 or 2020.

EDIT: didn’t mean to upload the post right away as i had meant to upload files but it seems new users cant upload files to posts right off the bat…so i suppose i’ll come back in a day or two to upload the dxgi, gameoutput and modules logs that seems to be required for a proper looksie to see what the problem might be? because i sure as hell can’t tell sadly :confused: