Tales of Berseria texture dumping

Through the Special K Ui/plugin for Tales of Berseria, I was able to get the DDS files for some of the game’s textures. In the Special K menu, I went to ‘Texture Modding Tools’ → Live Texture View → Refresh Textures, then Misc. Settings, and then put a check on the box by ‘Dump ALL Textures’

after applying the changes, I saw I got DDS textures under steamapps\common\Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res\dump\textures, in the folders: A8R8G8B8, DXT1, DXT5, and L8

I’m thinking about using those for texture upscaling/modding for this game, but my question is this: is there an easy/quick way for me to get all the game DDS textures through Special K ?

The current method apparently only gives me the option to dump to my local disk the textures from the Live Textures View, which appear to be the textures from the current scene or area of the game. If I change game area, I can dump more/different textures to disk I guess… but not sure how long that would take…

I’m especially interested in getting the DDS texture files for all the game skits to try to upscale those for 4k. Maybe I’m overlooking a setting or something. Also, thanks a lot for the work for this game and with Special K in general

If all the textures can’t be downloaded at once from Special K, does anyone here know of any other way ?

Looking online, I found something called “Tales of Berseria Tools” here-

but it’s from 2017 and I couldn’t get it to unpack the files in Tales of Berseria to give me the DDS game texture files when I tried… any other ideas ? Thanks

Not familiar with this game or any modding tools for it, but i can expand regarding SK.

Yes you can only dump active textures, and is a slow process. You’ll have to load all areas of the game if you want to dump every single texture.

That being said, dumping all textures isn’t as convenient for upscaling as it may sound. There’s many textures you’ll never need to upscale, and will ultimately just hog resources if you brute-force every texture through upscaling. You’ll end up manually going through each texture and deleting what you don’t want upscaled, which is probably a longer and less convenient process then manually dumping one texture at a time, assuming you only focus on textures that look like they need upscaling.

Either way, faster process than manually re-making certain textures from scratch, i’ve worked on one texture for a month’s worth before :sleepy:

Ah I see. I think you do make a good point there…

Thanks for confirming regarding SK and for the advice!

and yeah a month’s worth of work on one texture doesn’t sound very fun. I’m definitely glad technology has been growing to where we now have more upscaling options that can work well depending on the texture or image etc (I’ve used waifu2x for some upscaling, and I’ve liked the results)