Tales of Berseria - Inject other files like textures or remove archive decryption

Hello, i hope you guys can help me.

I was experimenting with the gamefiles of the Steam version of Tales of Berseria and wrote a tool that can patch the existing model data from the gamefiles with an imported .obj file.
Sadly, the game only loads all data on startup from an encrypted archive. There are tools to decrypt and unpack that archive, but non that can encrypt it again. So there doesnt seem to be a way to start the game with my modified files.

I tried contacting the authors of these tools to maybe get some source code that i could reverse, but sadly these guys seem to be gone.

My question is now, is it possible to inject parts of that archive in runtime, like the texture injecting present in the Tales of Berseria Fix? Or use Special K to force the game to read a non encrypted archive?

I spent some considerable amount of time, to figure out where vertices and face data is stored and it would be really sad if i cant even test my methode of modding.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

Unfortunately, I don’t deal with modifying game files ever.

Special K’s injection / dump features work by intercepting data uploads before the driver gets them, it is less invasive but also means SK doesn’t have anything designed to pack/unpack files (encrypted or not). I have not built anything to intercept vertex buffer loads in any graphics API to date, and if I were to add the feature I’d start with D3D11. That leaves Tales of Berseria back at square one since it uses D3D9 :frowning:

Thats a bummer.

It looks like this game doesnt want to get modded. Even if i would be able to reverse the scripts with ghidra or whatever, with my luck it still wont load modified files.

Regardless, thanks for your time. Lets hope Arise wont be that difficult to deal with.