Sunset Overdrive Low FPS with HDR enabled

Whether I enable HDR within Windows or in SK the FPS plummets to 35-40 (normally 150+) with HDR enabled. I can tell HDR is enabled correctly because the image is much brighter with much more contrast but the FPS drop, I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve tried everything, from starting the game with HDR enabled in Windows, starting it with HDR disabled and then enabling HDR in SK, enabling HDR in SK and restarting the game, toggling HDR on and off in game, trying to run the game in Fullscreen mode in SK (it just freezes).

HDR doesn’t usually work in that game. The SwapChain creation isn’t hooked correctly. You might have better luck if you disable SKIF’s auto-stop feature and launch the game 2 or 3 times so it can cache memory addresses.

Also, don’t run games in Fullscreen mode, it’s just going to cause problems.

Kaldaien! Thank-you for your help, I am not running the game in Fullscreen, I had a hunch that swapchain management may be implicated with the FPS drop with HDR enabled and I experimented with disabling it but it didn’t alleviate the issue. How do I disable SKIF’s auto-stop feature? Thank-you for your program sir!

you can disable SKIF’s auto-stop feature in the SK page in SKIF



you’d uncheck “stop automatically”

and then you’d have to start the global service manually (can do it from the “service” button there) for the service to stay running constantly - it’ll stop if you close skif though or if you manually press the service button again.

keep in mind that unchecking that option does not disable the auto-stop behavior if a game is launched without the service already running. The tooltip mentions it as well-

I’m not sure this is the problem, Special K isn’t auto-stopping, the problem is FPS drop when enabling HDR.