Stop monitor from sleeping on borderless windowed games?

I’m hoping this is a simple option I can check somewhere that I just don’t know about, but- my monitor seems to go to sleep (Windows power mode settings) on borderless windowed games if I haven’t touched the controller/mouse for a bit.

I usually opt for exclusive fullscreen modes whenever available, but some games don’t offer it. Lightning Returns in particular is a JRPG I was playing with plenty of long cutscenes to kill my monitor and all audio with it.

This was a while back but I know I tried Special K out to attempt to force true fullscreen and the game wasn’t having it.

Is there a simple option available to stop sleep mode from triggering in Special K? Any advice to look elsewhere? Is this normal for borderless windowed games? I certainly haven’t seen it happen often, but then again most games have dedicated fullscreen but lack borderless windowed.


Some games are just weird…

Have you tried enabling Windows Management > Input/Output Behavior > Disable Screensaver

Hopefully that also prevents the monitors from going to sleep.