Steam FFX HD remaster - Unable to use gamepad for the game boosters

I know this is an older game that you probably haven’t thought about in years and it’s hardly a big issue, but I’m running into a problem where I cannot use my gamepad to enable any game boosters (with the Untitled Project X mod installed), only my keyboard. For example, I can use ctrl+shift+H to enable speed boost, but not the gamepad equivalent of select+L2+cross. How can I fix this?

I’m using a PS4 controller and have already tried the UnX_Calibrate exe.

The L2 may be the problem. That is an analog trigger as well as a digital button if you pull the button far enough.

I’d say try rebinding it using L1, if that doesn’t work, then setup Steam Input to emulate XInput and don’t use UnX_Calibrate.exe at all (it is for mapping DirectInput).

Ah, that second bit helped me. I didn’t realise the UnX_Calibrate.exe disables Xinput completely and so I changed ‘UsesXInput=…’ from false to true in the UnX_Gamepad.ini and now it works, if anyone reading this has made the same mistake as me.

Thanks and thanks for all your work on Special K too. I don’t like the Steam forums either, only the Gamefaqs forums are worse.