Standalone injector just for forcing dxgi flip model

This is definitely out of my realm of expertise, so bear with me haha.

One of my favorite features of Special K is the ability to force dxgi flip model so that gsync works in dx11 games without the use of exclusive fullscreen (in the case of unity games, this can often be the only way to get gsync support at all). However, it’s incredibly frequent that special k has some sort of compatibility issue with X game, more particularly with X game when I want to use reshade too. It’s a frequent enough problem that I wanted to present this idea.

Now for the actual request:
If a separate injector made solely for the sake of forcing the dxgi flip model would have a better chance at being widely compatible just by virtue of have having less that can go wrong, it would be an absolutely fantastic tool.

Yeah I dream of such a tool for a long time. Force flip model and limit fps with the absolute amazing specialk one. Like really the latency is just amazing but my guess is it sounds easier than it is. That’s why there are no seperate tools.

Yeah… Special K is over 1/2 a million lines of code :slight_smile:

I am working toward isolating the framerate limiter and swapchain overrides so that these things can be integrated into other projects. I do not think a cut-down version of SK is possible, but I can definitely get some of its features into RTSS, ReShade, etc.

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Great to hear. Hopefully it pans out. Getting a taste of what could be (gsync in borderless window in most games) makes the incompatible games extra sour :stuck_out_tongue:

Or Microsoft could get their head out of their asses and implement a flip mode toggle. Games would already be promoted on 1709 to flip model and it was bliss. I had no issues but others had and they sadly had to remove it.

A dev even stated in a reddit post here but that would never come to fruition. They just ignore it but they could make it much better on a system level.

There’s more to this than just “turning flip model on and done,” I agree completely with what MSFTJesse discusses at the very end of his post. You need a specific goal in mind when deciding between the three possible swapchain presentation modes available.

Vulkan actually does a better job explaining this stuff than Microsoft has in its DXGI documentaion.

Selecting Presentation Mode

Special K defaults to the behavior discussed in ‘MAILBOX’, but if you turn off “Drop Late Frames” it will revert to ‘FIFO.’