Standalone aka Wrapper DLL makes Fallout 4 behave crazy

Hi, i searched for the Special K Mod for Fallout 4 and used the old version for a few minutes. Later i read that i can use the new version too. I started the global injector and the game worked fine. After that i wanted to install the Wrapper DLL, so i don’t have to run the global injector all the time. SKIF created the dxgi.dll and threw it in the FO4 folder (like the old standalone version). Now the game is kinda broken because it launches in windowed mode (not borderless). ignores all my ini’s and can’t find my savegames. It behaves like i reinstalled the game. If i delete the dxgi.dll and run the global injector everything is like before … Is that intended?

Fallout 4 is one of the very first games that Special K was made for and I don’t think it have received much attention over the years.

If global works as expected then keep to it, basically.

Ok, thank you

Another Question. When i play in Borderless Window my FPS are limited to 60FPS. In fullscreen i get unlimited. When i installed the old FO4W it unlocked my FPS in Borderless Window. With the new global injector this doesnt work anymore. I’m stuck at 60FPS. Vsync is disabled via INI and NVCP. I already tried out Flipmodel on/off and different combinations of numbers.

EDIT: If i tab out of the game i see unlimited FPS. When i click in the window it gets locked to 60 again

EDIT2: I noticed that the game automatically locks to 60 FPS if a file named “dxgi.dll” or “d3d11.dll” is found in the game directory. ENB does this also