SpecialK Tool! Before I use this I need some Info!

Does SpecialK work with any game?

Can I get Game Banned / Vac Banned for using this in an MP game are any game for that matter?

Is there a list that shows what games work with SpecialK and a list of the games that will get you Game Banned / Vac Banned? Link Please!

  1. Mostly, though it depends. The focus is primarily on DirectX 11-12, and support for other games (in particular Vulkan) may be so-so.

  2. We don’t support using Special K in multiplayer games at all since it injects and manipulates code within the game process which acts and may be treated as a cheat. As such, we don’t recommend using it in such games at all.

Man, so it’s only for SP Games then I’m about to go crazy because almost every multiplayer game I play has stutters! Thanks for the info!