SpecialK Overlay not showing

Not exactly an issue i’m having, but my friends also have SpecialK and whenever they start the game with global injection, it doesn’t show up at all.

What game is this?

It was on Streets of Rogue, and Brawlhalla. It starts but nothing shows, and when I go to open the overlay it just changes the cursor

For Brawlhalla, that’s typically a sign that the user hasn’t installed the tech-test beta, or what’s it called. We have installation instructions for Brawlhalla over on the Discord server (link at the top of this site).

As for Streets of Rogue, the problem is probably that SK hooked the wrong render API. You can open SK’s config for the game and set all render APIs to false except for the d3d11 API, which the game apparently makes use of.