SpecialK doesnt capture any Textures


Hi! I have been lately struggle to fix SpecialK that doesnt capture/not showing any textures on ‘Live Texture’ section. The game im playing is win32 based game and SpecialK is working fine using local injection (dxgi.dll). Some addition, the game is also use DirectX 11.


As mentioned, everytime im open the ‘Render Mod Tools’, any textures wont listed. The Shader and Live RenderTarget are working fine, its just Live Texture View that just blank and the ‘Current List Represent’ shows 0.0 MiB of Texture Memory. I have try several things :

  1. Increasing Maximum Cache Size on Texture Management
  2. Turning on Cache Staged Texture Upload on Texture Management
  3. Enabling Texture Cache on Texture Management
  4. Turning on D3D11 Deffered Mode
  5. Disabling Hide Inactive Texture on Live Texture View
  6. Set the setting to All Textures on Live Texture View
  7. Refreshing the Textures on Live Texture View
  8. Increasing Frames Between Texture Refreshes (120) on Texture Live View
  9. Forcing the game to use DirectX 11 using Argument: -force-d3d11
  10. Finally i also turning on Measure Residency and Vibrate on Cache Miss.


Game Specification:
Name: Minecraft Education Edition
Version: Beta & 1.14.20 Official
Base Game: DirectX 11 - Win32