Special K v (final Steam Release)

The final Steam build is now available for all to use:

               Download Special K v

Okay, so here’s a short installation guide:

  1. Download the Special K archive and extract it to a place of your choice.

  2. Launch SKIF that resides in the folder you extracted to. You can run it either with or without the Steam client running.

  3. Through SKIF, you can launch the global injector and it will automatically initialize Special K in all processes that matches its whitelist (configurable through SKIF), but which basically defaults to all processes launched from a location that resides under a SteamApps folder.

    • Note, global injection remains running even if SKIF is closed so be sure to stop global injection if you don’t want it running in the background.

Edit: Removed all appmanifest related steps as the new version of SKIF doesn’t need it.

Edit 2: Pointed the download link to the general-purpose link found on top of the page. Hopefully that archive will always point to the latest version.

I’m not Chinese or anything but some steam titles are in Chinese and characters won’t show up in sk.
Just thought I would report this…

There are too many characters in Chinese to support that :slight_smile: My UI has to pre-load all the characters and put them in a single texture, so I only have Japanese, Korean, Cyrilic, and Latin.

There’s like 50k Kanji (Japanese) though a quick search showed Chinese I assume traditional having “Over 100k” and simplified would potentially be implemented as well depending on what games use outside of Latin A - Z and 0 - 9 with a few extras.
(There’s at least one game that insisted on having that TM unicode proper variant in the folder name.)

EDIT: If it’s both couldn’t SKIF have a option to not display / discard non-standard characters although I suppose it’d be (Gujian3) unless UI editing and manual naming overrides were implemented.
(ALL the Final Fantasy games in proper descending order finally! - Which I think Square actually improved on on their own but yeah that’s a usage scenario too. :smiley: )

EDIT: Well non-Latin or general unicode to phrase it better perhaps, balance between performance and functionality or well what do I know adding more options isn’t free either performance or time wise either and full customization is a complicated feature before doing icon and banners and what not skinning support I would guess.

Kanji are just borrowed from Chinese :slight_smile: And thankfully, every game I have encountered with Japanese text only includes Kanji in textures inside the game, things like the game’s title and achievement descriptions all use hiragana / katakana. I guess it’s a bit like “simplified” Chinese, user interfaces work better with the simplified alphabet.

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ehh no worries, game was pretty shit anyways. just thought I report it.

You mean SKIF can’t handle titles with emojis ? :smiley:

The number of such titles on Steam is annoyingly increasing, although it’s good that it’s almost always an indicator for a shitty asset flip or useless game.

Users like to use those insane Unicode characters that change the direction of text, and then scribble a bunch of gibberish everywhere. That is a way worse problem than emojis are :slight_smile:

SK does log any character not in ImGui’s font atlas, so I have the legitimate characters covered for the most part. Astrological signs I have skipped in favor of actual non-hocus-pocus languages :stuck_out_tongue: