Special K running service causes PC to go on 2 second delay lag

After I run the service PC gets 2 second lag everything reacts 2 sec after I click?

Do both 32 bit and 64 bit services indicate they’re active after you click “Start Service”?

Make sure you’re not running SKIF as an administrator, and check through third party software (fraps, razer software etc) by closing them, to see if anything is interfering.

Yes both are running here is glimpse how it behaves after starting the process https://youtu.be/K3SaPzf-QUc
PC goes into 2sec lag mode, all benchmark apps were disabled anyway and it worked well yesterday

Not sure, i suggest restarting your computer and seeing if the issue still occurs.

Assuming the lag still persists, can you remember anything you may have done between yesterday and today that could be the cause of this? Such as changing a setting in your OS, or installing some new software, etc?

Its fixed missed ‘’ cause the actual lag in game directory