Special K on Final Fantasy 15 UWP

Hi, it’s there any way to make Special K work on the UWP version of Final Fantasy 15? I’ve trying to use it to fix the stuttering but Special K never loads. Same thing happens with other UWP games, like Resident Evil 7, although it works for others like Bloodstained, which I assume are Win32 games on the Microsoft Store. Does Special K support UWP Microsoft Store games or only Win32 Microsoft Store games?
Thanks in advance.

Sadly, there is none.

SK only supports Win32 games on the MS Store.

That’s a shame.

Any word from Kaldaien on if he intends to support them in the future?

Not really, no. Official UWP support might eventually arrive, but so far there haven’t been any noticeable attempts at figuring it out, nor any statements regarding planned support.

The focus (in terms of long-term goals) right now seems to be proper support for Vulkan and DirectX 12.

Well, thanks for the help

Is there a list anywhere of UWP only games?

Not that I know of, no. The vast majority of games on the store is Win32 nowadays though.

There’s no list anywhere, but I can name a few (mostly Xbox Play Anywhere titles or games that were released before Game Pass PC was announced):

Final Fantasy 15
Resident Evil 7
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Middle Earth Shadow of War
Quantum Break
Ori and the Blind Forest
Super Lucky’s Tale
New Super Lucky’s Tale
Streets of Rage 4
Sunset Overdrive
Gears of War 4

I believe this is a Win32 game as well. Or I am thinking of the sequel.

The sequel. I just tested it and it is UWP. Ori and the Blind Forest was released before Win32 support was added to the store. Win32 support was added when Game Pass for PC launched with one of the first Win32 games on the Store being Metro Exodus. You can always tell if a game is UWP because it launches as a small app like window and then resizes to full screen. Also, when you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen the title bar appears, and when moving the mouse cursor to the bottom the task bar appears.

That surprises me.

The Steam version of SOR4 is OpenGL-based, which should be incompatible with UWP since OpenGL is layered on top of GDI. I wanted to do some HDR-related stuff in SOR4 but was stopped dead by OpenGL.

I wish the Win32 version used D3D11.